Need Help on NM purchase

  1. Please help me. I purchased two bags from NM last week and found out that they're having this 3 day gift card events. The bags I purchased are not available anymore online. I would like to return the bags in store and rebuy the bags but according to the chatting customer service, the prices have gone up. In fact I noticed that the prices on the sale section of NM have gone up by about 10%. If I talk to an SA in store, would they be willing to give me an adjustment (i.e. let me rebuy the bags at the price that I bought it for?) Or are NM gift card events pretty useless for sale items?

  2. The same thing happened to me too!!! I purchased two bags YESTERDAY aaahhh but I just thought its a lost cause because I would rather keep the bags at the great prices I got them for then to get the gift can try though!
  3. Technically, this is not within the guidelines of NM policies. I'm assuming that you want to return the bags/repurchase at the same price and get a gift card of $100 for a future purchase? Unless you have a great relationship w/a NM SA......who might do it for you as a favor.....but honestly, I think you're asking for a bit much. I don't mean to offend.
  4. I know it's useless! The prices went up today...I should've known it was too good to be true. There's no way they're giving extra $100 to sale items without raising the prices first! lol
  5. Sigh...I don't have a "relationship" with any SA. The reason: I don't believe in going to the same SA everytime so, I go to whoever's available on the day I decide to purchase something. Perhaps I should start going to the same SA all the time knowing how stingy I am and how I feel like kicking myself everytime different deals come up lol...
  6. wow thats hard... some sa wont let you do that .
    my suggestion is bring a freind with you
    and for you to give the items back
    and make your freind rebuy the items.
    sorry couldnt be much of a help
    another suggestion is if the items are available at nm but at a higher price see if the items are availbe on line to
    another store like Saks or bloomingdales etc ,and get nm to do a price adjustment but ask them first if they will do the price adjustment on those items
  7. They don't let you return online purchases and repurchase in the store. They have to be sent back which is stupid.