Need help on new paraty color!!

  1. So the xmas is coming and i am thinking to buy myself a BIG xmas gift -- paraty. This will be my first chloe bag. I am thinking between Violet and Ebony or Mistral(or midnight blue). Does any of you have violet or ebony bag? I keep checking on chloe website, but the site just don't have these 2 color. I think Ebony is really close to chocolate but i can't really tell the difference from picture online :push:.
    I love violet, and it is beautiful!!!! But i am not sure it will be year round color. Any thought???
  2. I saw violet in Nordstrom. It is very nice, dark purple. You can wear it whenever you want in my opinion. I think Reese Withespoon has violet - check out the "celebrities with their chloe bags" thread - it is a recent picture. Also Lillemy has a beautiful violet paraty & has posted modeling pics with it. I would love to see Midnight blue - that sounds like such a unique beautiful color! Good luck & let us know which bag you get!
  3. Hi Beachgirl

    Do you mind me ask which Nordstrom you saw the violet paraty?
    I asked my local nordy SA if they have purple paraty, but she said they don't have purple, and i even had a look of the lookbook(but it probably is last season's lookbook)
    I saw the violet in bloomingdales and it is the kind purple i being looking for. I am just wondering if it will be a classic color. :cool:
    I think midnight blue is a color from couple seasons ago, but that's actually my No.1 wanted color. But bloomingdales SA told me the midnight blue is sold out in the whole US. Haven't tried to ask chloe boutique because i want to purchase the bag with department store promotion if i have the chance.

  4. I saw the violet paraty in Bloomingdales (OMG - did I say Nordstrom? I am so sorry!) at the Short Hills Mall, New Jersey last month. It is a classic & very nice color. I loved it. It goes very well with black, grey, white, many colors of your wardrobe. It is also dark enough that it works as a classic color. It is not a bright color at all. Violet is a very dark purple. It was definately from this season in Bloomingdales. Call them, maybe they still have it!

    I saw midnight blue on HG bags website. They have authentic bags for much less than retail. They are 100% authentic. Check that site out. I would love to have the midnight blue paraty.
  5. Just wondering since I'm still a Chloe beginner- do the paraty colors stay same from season to season? Or new colors added? I saw a Marcie crossbody at Saks today in a new shade-coral-was so lovely! (or maybe it's not new?) Are most colors avail in both Marcie and paraty styles or they each tend to have their own?
  6. I think marcie and paraty have different colors. I think it is due to different leather.
    Midnight is a popular color couple season ago, and I almost give up on finding it but come to realize they probably bring it back.
    I would love to own a braided marcie...they are lovely.....