Need HELP on new Multicolor wallet White or Black??

  1. I am so indecisive about buying things. :confused1: I need some help on deciding on a new multicolor wallet. I was thinking about the porte-tresor international in the multicolor. What I cannot decide is what color I want? I like black b/c it is universal and I won;t have to be so careful with it. ​

    The white, I :heart: b/c the color pops so well. But I am afraid of getting dirty. What do you guys think about the wallet and which color?? ​

    TIA ​
  2. Monogram Multicolore Porte-Trésor International - it is so beautiful!!!!
  3. i'd go for white, simply cos it stands out so well
  4. Black!
  5. I would go with the white it's actually on my wishlist. The only thing i like in black mc is the speedy and the petit noe. everythingelse i think looks better in white
  6. I agree! For some reasons I think the black MC only looks good on the petit noe (don't know why I feel that way)...I think the white mc looks good on all everything.
  7. White for sure!
  8. the MC PTI in White is stunning :love:
  9. Both colors are great but I love black MC
  10. I'd go with the black, there's something about the tiny print on the black that I love!
  11. I like the MC in white.
  12. Since it's a wallet and you're going to be pulling it in and out of your bag alot, I would go with the black. No reason to get something that you're going to be worried about using! ;P

    Let us know what you decide.
  13. White! :yes:
  14. black gets my vote.
  15. I vote for black. I have the wapity in the black mc and it's just adorable.