Need Help on name of this bag

  1. Dear Tpfers :yahoo:

    One of my friend (guy) would like to buy this bag for his friend (girl) for present. We saw this on her wishlist page, and agree that this is a lovely bag but no idea who made this.

    Does anybody of you, all the master of bags, know what bag it is and how much? I somehow think it is Anya Hidmarch, but i couldnt find the AH logo. Please please please help....

  2. anybody?
  3. It sure is a Miu Miu bag. It is the Miu Miu Burlap Satchel.
  4. Sure is stunning!!! Vlad bought it for his mom :yes:
  5. WOWWW THANK YOU MAEDCHEN AND MEGS !!!! :flowers::flowers: Really really big thank you !!!!

    I'm pretty honour that the queen of tpfers herself is answering my question, :welcome:, LOL....

    I didnt know that you wrote about this too Meg, i think i should check purseblog more often, :shame:. Thanks guys.
  6. It is Miu Miu, I am the proud owner in an ivory leather. I love this bag.