Need help on my Saffiano tote!! Lovin my bag??

  1. I accidentally spilled acetone and nail polish on my bag so now my bag has white marks and green nail polish..:sad: I was so bummed and just noticed it when I left Sephora.. If you have a similar situation like mine, did yo guys try the repair of Lovin my bag?? I am thinking of sending my bag to Barbara but she said this won't be an easy repair and all she can do is camouflage the white marks so it won't look noticeable..

    Do you guys have any other way of restoring this bag??:sad: do you think Prada can repair this?
    image-2497120350.jpg image-3837058194.jpg
  2. Anyone????:search:
  3. sorry no idea... better send to professional cleaning... dont risk your bag...
  4. i am very sorry to hear that. but how's the outcome?
  5. I'd send it to Prada.
  6. I would probably take it back to Prada and ask what your options were (whether they can remove the polish, replace the side panels, etc). With the acetone though, it's probably eaten away at the dye or protective layer, so it may need to be re-dyed or replaced if you want it to look new again.
  7. Hi everyone!!

    I am so happy to announce that I got my bag back and repaired by Prada.. They quoted me $155 and would take 6-8 weeks but I ended up paying only $60 and it only took a month! I am so happy that my bag is back to how it looks like when I got it!:biggrin: and so worth the $60 repair fee!

    And.. Lesson learned.. No more trying on nail polishes when I have my bag!:smile:
    image-3154117464.jpg image-1826782698.jpg image-2835326794.jpg image-3549927459.jpg
  8. Yay a happy ending! :smile:

    So did they manage to remove the nail polish, or did they have to replace the sides?
  9. I don't exactly know what they did coz the manager looked unsure too.. Lol! I'm guessing they only re-dyed the bag coz probably it would cost more if they replaced the side.
  10. Lol you're probably right. Congrats, it looks brand new!
  11. Thank you for sharing your story with us Tessa. Now we know that Prada takes back bag for repair.
  12. That's so great! Glad they fixed it!
  13. So happy you were able to get this bag repaired. I was just sick to my stomach when I first saw your pictures. Definitely a happy ending!:woohoo:
  14. Thank you everyone!:biggrin: I missed this bag that I decided to wear it this week..:biggrin: It's indeed a happy ending..:biggrin: I am also glad to share my experience with you so you know what to do if this will happen to you..:smile: