Need help on my FIRST HERMES

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  1. I have been debating weather I want to purchase a Hermes bag, I have been droowling for one for many years! I own one but that belongs to my mother (it's about 1960-70's black Kelly) I don't know anything about these bags all I know about Hermes is that I want a Hermes Birkin in blue (or green) togo leather w/palladium hardware. I know almost everything there is to know about purses except "HERMES" (what ashame) Anywhoo,... How much are they, how hard is it to get one, and are there any reputable ebay sellers that sell the Birkin and won't want to draw all my blood along with the payment! I need help girls! Help me with everything you know about these babies! I have been procrastinating for too too long and the time has come to throw in the towel!
  2. Hi and welcome! The Kelly sounds wonderful. There is an Hermes info thread with a sticky at the top of this forum where you can get info.
  3. Congratulations!!!! You've definitely make a smart choice. A birkin is an investment. A blue jean birkin is quite hard to get coz' it's the most popular colour but just try asking and you'll never know you might get one. Green too is nice. My suggestion is to get one in size 30cm or 35cm.

    Regarding about the cost, it all depends on the material. As for whether it's hard to get.......yes it is. Many of the ladies here including me have been waiting for our birkins. Firstly is that you must get onto the waiting list but so far the waiting list is closed. However that's not the end of the world. You might be able to get onto the waiting list by being nice to the SA and dropping frequently at hermes' store. It would also help if you frequently buy some of hermes' stuff like its scarves, clothes and shoes. Then the SA might see how serious you are and will put you onto the waiting list. It's not just about being on the waiting list but also on the very top of the serious waiting list. Just do like what I said your SA regularly and drop by at hermes' store frequently.

    Sometimes....good luck do befall on certain women. If you visit the hermes' store ferquently, you'll never know you might find your birkin displayed proudly on the shelves urging you to buy immediately. If you have the time, travel to can easily spot many birkins. There's one lady here which says that she gets her birkin in less than 6 months.

    I try not to encourage you by buying through ebay. There are lots of fakes birkins and don't be deceived by the pics. But if you really want to buy from ebay.....maybe other ladies here can guide you into buying the real one. There are also some stores and websites reselling birkins. Websites I can recommend you will be and

    However, the choices will be limited.

    Good luck on your hunt for your birkin!!!!
  5. thanks so much for that info. it was very useful
  6. What ablout janefinds?
  7. Not sure about Janefinds. Could be totally legit but I've never heard of anyone who has dealt with her. I can investigate more if you'd like.
  8. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! I went to the store in Manhasset today and met the most incredible sr! all the sales reps. were so sweet (I mad a purchase) theey were staring at my shoes and kept asking me where I got them! (Coach Noreen's in Flint) the sr was very nice, they were all very nice (I made a purchase of course) well she walked me all the way out to my car! Then we started talking! OMG OMG OMG! She asked me if I was interested in a Birkin purchase and of course I told her yes, she asked me that if I seriously was interested in the purchase she would put me on HER personal list and when the birkin that I like comes in she would call me immediatly (they get one in a week) and she'll take my credit card number and hold the bag for me, and what do you think I said!!! OF COURSE YES!!!!! OMG she told me it would be a couple of weeks at most a month!! OMG! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!! This means that I'll have my dream bag very very soon!!! They had what appeared to be a Brownish Croc. Kelly it was so beautiful. My husband told me that if I wanted the bag I couldn't get my new car! So I'll wait for my Berkin so I'm so happy, I wanna cry :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  9. Congratulations!!!!'re so lucky to get one in just a couple of months and better still, easily get into the SA personal list. I'm very curious, how come you can easily get into the personal list when other women are waiting and desperate just to get onto the waiting list?? You must be very lucky. Better still, you're very first birkin is a brownish croc one. I think what you're referring to is the tan croc. Tan croc is fabulous. Remeber to take pics......

    Before I end, may I know what's the size and what type of croc is??
  10. No, I didn't get it! My husband wouldn't let me. He told me if I wanted it I couldn't get my new car I wanted. I opt out on it! That's the bag that they had there! It was so beautiful! I want a Blue Jean 35cm/ph Berkin. She told me it was very common for those to come in so I'm gonna wait. And the only reason why she was so nice was because I purchased 3 scarfs and a blouse and my husband bought a nice smelling cologne. Then while I was leaving she just started making conversation and we took it outside. Then she walked me and my husband to the car, she was very chatty. I guess she liked the way I looked. I was blinged out! And I mostly dress designer! I guess she likes the smell of money. Hey I don't care! As long as it get's me what I want!
  11. Never mind. Getting onto the personal list is already good enough. It's also important to get your very first birkin that you love. the meantime, you'll be getting your new car.

    Yeah.....I agree that Hermes' loves customers who spend a lot of money at the store. So to all those who're thinking of ways to get onto the waiting list, be kind the advise get the manager.....and also wear something presentable. Not forgetting, purchase lots and lots of hermes' staff coz' Hermes' wants the TRUE customers who loves not only the birkins & kellys but also it's other quality goods.

    Me too. I love everything from hermes'. I always buy the scarves and the clothes too. However, sad to say that the clothes collection of hermes' is not that huge here in Singapore.
  12. What about 88caviar?
  13. Not sure, I'll check it out.
    Also, Janefinds is legit.
  14. ^^^ Thanks!
  15. From what I can tell, 88Caviar is selling authentic bags. She is a MPRS and all of her stuff looks amazing.