Need Help on LV prices in Paris_I'm from Singapore

  1. Hi,I'm gog Paris in Dec and will seriously hope a kind soul in Paris/france can give me some updates on the PRICES on the below bags I'm aiming to buy. I'm looking at max 3 bags (1 courtesy frm my hubby!). They are (1) Damier Hampstead MM, (2) Damier Trevi PM , (3) Mini Lin Speedy 30 & (4) Damier Speedy 25. I'm soooo excited as it's much cheaper there in Paris then in Singapore!

    So can someone pls help provide some info! =)
  2. you can look up all the french prices on, just click on France and then on Catalogue
  3. or eluxury itself. just click on France...
  4. click on France on eluxury?! :confused1: how does that work?