need help on leather regarding BJ birkin

  1. which one would you choose? togo or clemence BJ 35cm Birkin with PHW? and why?

    thanks for helping out a Hermes newbie ;)
  2. Blue jean is beautiful in both leathers. It is really a personal preference.
    Do you want a more slouchy bag? Do you like bigger grains or smaller?
    The color in clemence and togo look a tad different as well.
    I would go for either one.....
  3. IMO it looks more aqua in togo, so that's my preference.
  4. my 40 clemence is so slouchy that it cant stand on its own anymore. so i am hoping if i do get the clemence in 35cm maybe it wont slouch as much?

    i saw h'bird's 35 togo BJ and it does look more aqua. hmm..i am more confused on which one to get now.
  5. Blue Jean in Clemence is a deeper color than Togo but it's more slouchy too. I'm going to see a friend this morning with a BJ Clemence in 35cm so I can report back later......
  6. I'd go forc togo as it's 'crisper' which goes together for me with the crispness of the colour.
  7. Ditto what everyone said. BJ 'pops' more in Togo.
  8. Catabie ~ I don't know whether you are looking for a color that "pops" or not but in Epsom, BJ is a really subtle, gorgeous color. It would be a much stiffer bag too.
    Good shopping!!
  9. I prefer my bags rigid so I will go for Togo anytime.
  10. Togo!
  11. As you already have a bag in clemence I'd go for togo for the variety. I also prefer the color of BJ in togo (but it's marginal).