Need help on IDing purse!

  1. I've just recently gotten into Coach and when my boyfriend's mom found out, she pulled this - in red - out of the closet and gave it to me! Apparently she'd received it as a gift a few years back but it just isn't her style so she's never used it. So it's mine!:yahoo:

    Can anyone please let me know the name of it, what year/collection it's from, or what the price was originally?

    I'm so excited!:nuts:

  2. If you give us the style number from the Creed patch on the inside we might be able to track it down. I have a larger version of this same bag in red, but it's a hobo. I love it.

    That is one cool future Mother-In-Law! ;)
  3. That is one of the "classics" bags. Can you give me the style number on the creed and I will get you some more info on it?