Need help on Hermes Kelly Double Tour Watches

  1. I am trying to hunt down a kelly double tour in AQUA GREEN when i travel to Asia in 2 months time. However I am a little concern about the stock availability when I arrive there. So I'm trying to get myself very prepared for all the possibilities so I won't come back empty handed.

    Just wondering if I can purchase additional straps from Hermes for watches and how much will a double tour strap cost including installation? I am thinking of purchase whatever color's available if the one I want is out of stock, and have it changed later on...
  2. Nola, do you think they sell the straps by themselves too? because I haven't seen them on display here in the Sydney store, well actually I've never paid much attention to the watch section before...=(
  3. In my country they sell the straps separately (but they aren't on display either - you have to ask for those) For your kelly watch you can either get a double tour strap or a single tour strap (seen on the website) in a variety of colours and leather. You can also order the bracelet in any colour/leather combo that's available right now - but this would take some time.....
    As there is a special metal plate above and below the strap it costs slightly more than a "normal" kelly double tour bracelet. I have the double tour watch strap in black and orange. But as I've also have two kelly double tour bracelets in white and dark brown, I can wear my kelly watch with those as well. For me, it's slightly more comfortable to wear the kelly watch with the "original" watch strap, but for a change, wearing it with the kelly double tour bracelets is ok too :yes: To change your strap, you just have to screw one side of the watch and then you can hook it to another strap. But you have to screw back the side carefully - otherwise you risk to loose the watch :sad: I really :heart: my kelly double tour watch

    Hope this helps. And good luck in Asia.

  4. Thank you very much:tup: This is very helpful, good to know I have more options~
  5. My first Hermes purchase. The Kelly 2 PM double tour in black...Anyone else have one?