Need Help on Gift Ideas!!!

  1. Hi girls..Im stuck on what to get my co-worker for christmas! We did a secret santa and I picked her name, and i love her to death..but i have no idea what to get her! She is in her late 30's..married, with two boys, age 9 and 12. She dresses really casually (well, we all do, we work in a preschool), wears no makeup unless its a reaaaally special occasion, doesnt get her nails done or blowouts..she is really low maintanance. So the typical sephora giftcard or pedicure is out of the question. She is pretty active, she is outgoing, friendly and sweet..but she has never mentioned any particular activities or hobbies besides doing family or work stuff. I dont want to outright ask her or drop hints because she'll know I picked her name..any ideas????! Oh and our price limit is $25. Any and All ideas are welcome!!!!
  2. starbucks GC?
  3. Here are some ideas off the top of my head:

    Does she drink coffee or tea? Coffee/tea shop gift card & nice mug

    Fun/nice things for her desk/cubicle:
    Photo frames
    A plant in a pretty pot
    Wall calendar
    Pretty ceramic canister for pens/pencils

    Do you know if she likes movies? (Another PFer posted this idea in another thread which I thought was totally cute!!)
    Rental gift certificate from a local DVD store or Netflix (or if you know what types of movies she likes you could buy her a DVD). Include it with microwavable popcorn, an assortment of big candy bars.

    Bunch of scratch-off lottery tickets (if there's a lottery in your state)

    Magazine subscription (if you know what she likes). I've received this before and it's an AWESOME gift that is within your price range...and she gets reminded of you/your gift/thoughtfulness every month. I got Real Simple which is a great "generic" selection if you don't know exactly what she likes.
  4. If she loves coffee, may I recommend a coffee corset by jenngee, she's a wonderful seller. When do you need to give her the gift?
  5. A GC from a bookstore or sports store?
  6. I love secret santas! We have our gift reveal today actually. :smile:

    If you know her style at all these pillows from Joom on Etsy are so flippin' cool. I really want to order several.

    Or how about a nice set of soaps/hand lotions?

    Does she drink coffee or tea?

    How about a nice warm hand crafted scarf?

    Cute little card wallet.

    Robin's Nest Earrings

    I ordered 6 of the Fat Daddy Cupcakes and am SO excited to eat mine and give away the rest as gifts.

    I think maybe I'll start a last minute gifts thread. :smile:
  7. I second the gift card for movies- either a store or to a theater. Most people like movies and w/ kids, that is a fun afternoon for the family.

    Magazine subscriptions are a great idea too- they have a bunch on Amazon w/ a rebate and there are many generic ones on the list that would work. I always think normally safe things like chocolate are good too, especially if you get something festive like Peppermint bark w/ the magazine subscription! Peppermint bark is super easy to make too, if you have the time/inclination.
  8. oh wow..thank u all for the great ideas!! i love the movie and magazine subscription well as etsy..thanks again!!!!! :heart: