Need help on engagement ring

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  1. i'm thinking to get a thin band ring (below 1.5mm) , and simple solitaire design with a 0.5 carat diamond on it ,which jewellers or brand do you guys can recommend ?

    I'm actually think of Harry Winston round brilliant engagement ring ,but i can't get much information from their website about their width of this ring .

    ps:sorry for my poor english

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  2. 1.5mm is not structurally sound enough for an engagement ring shank, unless you make it extremely thick in height off the finger. So unless you want it to be at least 1.5-2mm off your finger all around (which will not be comfortable), you need to reconsider that width. My setting is around 1.8mm, from Brian Gavin Diamonds. It's quite dainty.

    What ring is that from HW? I can probably guesstimate based on another image.
  3. This is the one

    My fingers is so skinny , i try on a 2mm band but it don't look nice , so i'm trying to find a band thinner than 2mm.
  4. Yea,but i noticed their diamond without GIA cert ,so i take them out of my list.
  5. 2mm at the widest likely tapering into the stone.

    Is the brand name a requirement? Bec I don't believe any brand goes that narrow in a shank. But If having a reputable certification is vital but the brand name isn't, I can help you find a diamond in budget that will be as well or better cut elsewhere and a setting that has ~1.8mm tapered setting that will be structurally sound. You cannot get a ring that narrow (1.5) that won't bend out of shape without making uncomfortably thick, and you won't want that shank depth.

    My stone is 1.15ct and my shank is 1.8mm tapered from 2 on the sides--but the knife edge and cathedral gives it a narrower appearance.

    This one:


    There is also this which is under 2 as well:

    Another option and this is the only 1.5mm setting I've seen that I think is going to be a reasonable choice but it's still a bit less dense and I don't know how well it'll hold up to daily wear:

    This is 1.8:
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  6. Word of warning:
    Skinny fingers or not, if you go too narrow your ring will bend, warp, even break. And if a jeweler tells you up front that something isn't safe and you proceed and there's an issue, they won't replace or repair it free, and often insurance won't cover that damage or work. So keep that in mind.
  7. I believe all Harry Winston engagement rings start at 1 carat.
  8. omg , your ring just look nice !
    brand or no brand are not really important to me , i just love their setting ,i think i might buy the diamond and setting separately .looking on Brian Gavin and Blue Nile diamonds and Tacori , A Jaffe and Danhov setting .
  9. They do have some design start at .5 carat, like the HW design or the classic solitaire design .
  10. I too love skinny bands and I have a very skinny pave band that I think is around 1.5 mm from Leon Mege who's based in New York . I've worn it daily for 6 months now and no issues in warping or anything. but maybe you want a plain band? I'm sure he can make a thin plain band too.

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