Need help on decisions again...

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  1. Guys, I really need help on deciding :yahoo: My birthday is on December, and i get to choose a few bags to get from my wishlist. And I do desperately need

    So, I am turning 20 in December, I'd get to choose 5 bags I wanted! So far I've chosen:

    1. Hermes Birkin Fuschia 35 in Ostrich
    2. Hermes Birkin Pink 30 in Togo
    3. Chanel Patent red reissue 226 w/ shw from 10A collection
    4. ?
    5. ?

    So I want to get something in Chanel for the 4th and 5th...

    My 'eyes' are on...
    1. 10A Grey patent maxi w/ shw
    2. Westminster pearl flap (there's one from ebay)
    3. Beige Clair jumbo w/ ghw
    4. Reissue black 226 or 227 w/ matte gold hardware

    Should I get those 'seasonal' colour coz I can get the classics after this; this is the list given by dbf, so i can pamper myself with those more classics??

    I really like the grey, coz I havent got something in grey tone neither in both Hermes nor Chanel, but for the westminster flap, its quite bothering me coz the one I saw on ebay was from the 08A collection, not the 10A, and still asking for 3800USD, I tried to find one from Hirshleifer's or SAKS but no luck T T

    For the Beige, I already got the beige clair in m/l size! And the reissue I can get it now or later :P

    But the 4 options are all I can think of right now, anyone with more options to suggest?? I'm 168cm tall, so any sizes is alright for me!

    I am also thinking to get the 2011 cruise raspberry red flap(jumbo/ m/l-not sure yet) so i guess its too much red/pink for me this year!

    I need some advices please=)
  2. Wow~! Back to my 20's birthday, I just drank to die with friends but you are so lucky to have those bags for 20 birthday~!

    I am pretty new to Chanel so don't count on my advice, but just for my opinion, I guess it will be nice to have one classic item for sure since it is your 20, so it might remind you about your happy birthday time after time. and I vote for Reissue 227 with mgh.. my only Chanel yet and this bag is what dragged me into Chanel.

    And I also think grey or beige Chanel would be nice to have, I really like grey for this season, and beige will be always good color to have for sure. :smile:..

    and since you only listing for the bags why not some jewels and wallets. I saw some pearl necklaces in Chanel boutique, and they were so beautiful. Could not afford them after buying a bag. But in your case, it can be more choices~!

    Enjoy choosing~! :happydance:
  3. I got the every of the pearl necklaces from 2010, the 5 cc's logo, 3 cc's logo and also the 2 CC's ones, i just love them so I have to get them all = P every friend of mine thinks i am just too crazy! but whenever I cant decide on something I will get them all, I havent spotted any nice wallets so far

    I am just new to Chanel as well!! I have recently bought black lambskin m/l w/ ghw, beige clair m/l w/ ghw, and the medium shopping tote so I am looking to more bags, but beige I already got it in the m/l, so was quite confusing to get the exact same combination but different size or i'll just pass on the beige?
  4. hope see some pics in future. :smile: I guess why not choose something in gray then~! :P But choose whatever you absolutely LOVE~! not the one if you need to think twice~! That is my only advice :biggrin:. good day~!
  5. thanks luvjjang, the only advisor of my thread = P i hope to do pictures reveal as well,, now i just can't wait for my birthday to come!!!
  6. Guys, found this cute fuschia m/l 2011 cruise to be special ordered from Hirshleifer's, opinions???

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  7. Wow you are one LUCKY girl :smile: I wouldn't get the beige jumbo since you have the m/l. That fushcia is amazing.. get it! As for your last two choices I would get:

    1. 10A Grey patent maxi w/ shw
    2. Westminster pearl flap (there's one from ebay)

    The black/gold 226 reissue looks a bit old for a young 20 year old :smile:
  8. that was what I am thinking about as well! just too excited to find the fuschia m/l, too gorgeous to resist!! :love:

    I was told that the pearl westminster flap will be available again end of the year, is this true? Is there any difference with 08A and the 10A pearl flap? I just love the flap but I missed the pre-order with Hirshleifer's coz I joined this forum too late!!:shame:
  9. My votes for your 4th and 5th bags are:

    Beige Claire Jumbo with GHW
    Westminister Pearl Flap

    Happy early birthday! You have some fabulous goodies coming your way!
  10. beige clair jumbo for sure... since you have pink and fuschia as your hermes colors then iwouldn't necessarily do the bubblegum flap... or maybe the bubblegum pink flap and a darker hermes? but otherwise a nice black 226 would be my choice... wow--that's a lot of expensive bags for a 20yo!!! be careful of yourself carrying them! (and i mean of yourself, NOT the bags!!!)
  11. got different opinions here!! I am lucky enough to get to choose from a ranges of expensive bags =) I just started to addict bags like a month ago, and I haven't got my luck in purchasing the reissue, so I would like to get the reissue 226 as well coz price is keep increasing for the classic styles aren't they? and i also realize that too many patent Chanel bags I am choosing( Grey patent, red patent 226, pink patent again)!!

    argh>< I wish my bday can come earlier! just cant wait till December for all my special orders to arrive!

    They will not be my everyday bag so I think I will be safe :smile: plus there is increasing number of gals carrying expensive bags on the street now! thanks for the advice anyways!!!

    below pics are the reference of my Special Order Birkin, they are not MINE!!! PIC REFERENCE ONLY!!!!! Not sure should I get the fuschia from Chanel or not!! :wondering:wondering

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