Need Help on deciding


Which one?

  1. White Caviar Classic flap Jumbo size

  2. Black Caviar Flap Medium size

  3. Black Lambskin Falp Small size with new Chain

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  1. LV is my favorite but for some reason I'm kinda tired of it. I'm now obsessing over Chanel especially the flaps. I used to have the Cambon tote in petite but I sold it because it was too small.

    Anyway, Can you guys please help me decide? I'm 5'1 and 110 lbs. I'm thinking of getting

    White Caviar classic flap Jumbo size
    Black Caviar classic flap Medium size
    Black lambskin classic flap small size with the new chain.

    Thanks so much for you time.
  2. I'm about 5'3 and 103 and I love my jumbos dearly. I have 3 jumbos. The jumbo size is more practical for me than the medium size because the medium will not hold all of my junk. If you think the small cambon tote is too small, the medium flap would be way to small for you. The petite tote holds more than the medium flap.
  3. I am no help because I think that you should have ALL of them!!! Okay, maybe just two...the white jumbo and the small lambskin with new hardware!!
  4. I'd get the white jumbo. It's amazing!
  5. I voted for the white jumbo because I :heart: mine, and it's a great bag for summer!

    You should get the black flap next!
  6. im 5'2 and around 110 pounds too and i think a jumbo would be better because it fits more. hope that helps!
  7. Jumbo in black or white would be best.
  8. Hahaha! I'm actually thinking I should just get two, the jumbo white and small lambskin with new hardware but I'm trying to hold myself.
  9. If this is your one and only Chanel, I would say definitely get the black caviar medium flap with silver. It is on my wishlist too, but in the jumbo :smile:
  10. I voted for the black lambskin! :smile:
  11. I like the Black Lambskin Small... with the new Chain!
  12. Yes! This is my one and only chanel. I sold my one and only chanel which is the cambon petit tote because it was too small. I usually collect LV but starting to get tired of it.
  13. I'm 5'3" and although the mediums look nice, they are often way too small for everything I want to carry. So if you complained about the cambon tote as being too small, I would go with a jumbo.

    For reference -- I have several jumbos and mediums
  14. I voted black caviar medium. It's the bag I never get tired of.
  15. I voted for the White Jumbo in caviar because I LOVE the Jumbo. So practical!