need help on deciding on a bbag

  1. :nuts:

    hey fellow tpf-ers

    i'm new to the forum! i don't own a bbag, but am looking to get one...
    however, all the styles confuse me a little, so i need recommendations..
    where i am, the styles are really limited, the styles they carry are limited to first, city, work and maybe twiggy...

    i wonder if any tpf-er can recommend me a bag that will fit all my stuff in it, and would look cute on a petite girl who's only slightly above 5 feet...

    here are the things i need to carry in the bag:
    an a4 folder
    two notebooks, an agenda
    water bottle
    pencil case, wallet, ipod, the essentials

    andddd hopefully a small sweater but its fine to carry it in my hand as well!

    a city wouldn't quite cut it for all the things i wanna carry, right?
    a work is wayy too big for me...
    i'm looking at the step and the courier, maybe... or the brief....
    but from the pictures i can find in the clubhouse and reference threads,
    I can't quite tell the difference in sizes between them!

    what're my options?:angel:

    thank you very much in advance, and i'll def share what i got!
  2. Have you considered the part time since it is in between the city and the work. I have all three sizes and find that the PT is perfect. I also think the brief would be ideal, I think the courier is pretty big and that the step is kind of the same size as the city. Good Luck!
  3. I think you should be alright with the city if you don't put your sweater in there.

    I'm your same height but I don't carry much and find that the First suits me just fine.

  4. hmmm maybe i shld think about getting the part time since its in between city and work...
    i didn't know that courier was big until i looked at some of the modeling pics on here, they look great but are huge...

    i emailed aloha rag but they only have black, ivore and mogano, which isn't quite the colors i'm looking at but i think i'll continue to look around! :lol:

    thanks for your help!
  5. i actually love the shape of the first best, but its really tiny and i like big bags, heh...

    thanks for your input! :smile:
  6. sorry but i doubt the PT can contain the A4 docs w/o the sides jutting out since it's shallower than the City. yesterday i tried to zip up my City after inserting an envelope containing my edu certs (around A4 size). it can be done but it's not w/o effort adjusting the other contents in the bag, and i don't even carry much at all. i'm no taller than 5'1 myself. i've seen how big bags overwhelm petites yet i honestly think the Work's not that big. i do think the Step's a good option for you if you carry that much stuff. i like that it has structure like a doctor's bag. i think the Step should be more comfy being worn on the shoulders, as opposed to the PT with the handles. the Courier is really roomy but this one i feel may overwhelm you. jmho.