Need Help on Cost So I can Make an Offer

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  1. Ladies :smile:

    I need your help. Can any of you let me know the price this was in outlets. i want to make an offer but don't want to overpay.Thanks :smile:Measures 18x17x5.

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  2. If you have the style number you can call an outlet to help. I did that with the Legacy Leather Capacity Wristlets. So I know how much not to pay.
  3. Where are you looking to buy this at? I would make sure its real before anything...I don't know but for some reason looking at just doesn't look right to me.
  4. uh...i think it was in the $300-$375 range with the discount. memory escapes me right now...
  5. $306 with 6% tax. (lowest price I saw)

    Be fair when you make an offer. The seller will have to pay about $30 or so in fees, plus you want to pay her for her trouble. I would say a good offer would be $360 or a bit more.
  6. That is a beautiful bag!! I have it in Bordeaux and I think paid about $550 in the boutique. Let us know if you get it!!
  7. LoL. this is the reason why i'm here asking. I want to be fair to the both of us :smile: They do have the opportunity to turn down the offer anyway. but thanks for the advice

  8. Thank you :smile:

  9. Ok i've posted the creed and the two picz of the bag in the authenticate forum. We shall see what the verdict is :smile:

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  10. It looks good to me. I have seen the hobo in that color go pretty low on ebay. You never know what someone paid, they could have gotten a really good deal so I wouldn't offer to high right off the bat, why pay more than you have to!
  11. Thank you :smile: that's my thoughts exactly. I appreciate your help :smile: