Need Help On Color Combo... Please!!!

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  1. HI... I am wanting to order the Signature Slim Flap and am so torn about which color :confused1:
    Coach has available the KHAKI with GOLD trim, KHAKI with EBONY trim, KHAKI with WHITE trim. For me its between the Gold and the Ebony trim since the fall season is upon us. Can I PLEASE get everyones FAVORITE color combo in this bag, the bag looks just like the Ali but is a little smaller.
    Thanks Girls, don't know what I would do with out ya :heart:
  2. Yikes, I love every single one of your choices. But I think I'll pick the........hmmmmmm.......this is tough, oh.......khaki and ebony!
  3. I love the khaki/ebony, it goes with just about everything. :smile:
  4. I like the khaki/gold, I think that gold trim is so classy. But the black does go with everything. Tough choice!!
  5. PLEASE... Keep the votes coming as I will be driving over an hour just to shop at the nearest COACH store. NEED some more support PLEASE!!! THANKS to those that have voiced their vote so far :tender:
  6. Khaki/Ebony - that's my vote.:tup:
  7. I vote khaki/ebony!!!!!! Goes w/ anything you wear!!!!!!
  8. Another vote for khaki/ebony!! :tup:
  9. Khaki/ebony!!!!!! it is my favorite color combo, goes wtih everything.
  10. khaki/ebony !!! You will love it!
  11. khaki/ebony
  12. Definately khaki/ebony!! That is my favorite color combo in the signature line by far!!! :tup:
  13. Khaki/gold is gorgeous!
  14. Okay... so far there are more votes for the Khaki/ebony. I am wanting the Coach Legacy stripe wallet, have the wristlet in this and as you know it has the Gold leather trimming *SO* I am thinking... wouldn't the Khaki/Gold signature slim flap bag with legacy stripe lining look best with the acc's mentioned? I wished COACH still had photos on their web site of this bag and the choice would not be so tough. Thanks guys you are the best!!! I will let you know which I go with so please keep the votes coming. TA TA
  15. Did you get your purse yet??