Need help on a sapin purse ...

Aug 10, 2006
Hi everyone,

I've been watching the following auction on Ebay:

eBay: NWT 100% AUTH* 06* BALENCIAGA SAPIN GREEN PURSE- NR (item 290067893509 end time Jan-07-07 15:45:00 PST)

I asked the seller if she had a Buy It Now option but she does not. However, she did say that if I had an offer that she would be willing to consider it. My question is: should I offer? Or is it considered shady to offer the seller a bid in private and then have her take off the listing?

I'm just curious since we've all read how many people have been getting scammed lately, although I did post this in the 'Authenticate This' thread and received positives on it.



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Sep 28, 2006
It's a gorgeous bag, I think you should make an offer. It's common practice an not shady unless someone has already bid on the bag.
Ditto. If there are no existing bids then it's perfectly fine. Nothing shady about it. Go for it. You have nothing to lose and a beautiful bag to gain. I just got one yesterday and I'm totally in love.:love:

Good luck!!!