Need help on a crossbody bag

  1. I need a new crossbody/messenger style bag. I am deciding between the new ergo - but what color? black? camel? or white??? OR the legacy hippie in the khaki/ebony signature????

    so, choices are:

    khaki/ebony signature

  2. i am a GIANT fan of the black. but from what i have seen you post before, i would say you are more of a camel or earth toned ergo lover.
  3. Messengerbaglover:

    Get the Ergo Cross body. I saw the picture of it in the Lookbook at the Coach South Street Seaport Store today and I really liked it. It comes in camel, black or white. Why don't you see what color bags you have in your closet and get the color you would use most. I am going to buy it in either camel or black.:yes:
  4. i don't think you can ever really go wrong with black!