Need help! new kitty might be sick!

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  1. In my other post, I showed pictures of my beautiful new kitten. I've had her for about a week now and she's been sneezing A LOT! It sounds like she also has a runny nose. Tonight, I noticed that her right eye is running (looks like she is crying). Is this a respiratory infection? Should I take her to the vet ASAP or wait it out a few more days?

    Today, she has slept all day, which worries me, but she has had a very healthy appetite. I don't know what to do :shrugs:
  2. I would take her to the vet ASAP especially because of her young age. IMHO, it is always better to be safe than sorry:smile:

    Good luck!!
  3. Congrats on your new kitten.

    Something similar happened to my cat when I first got her - I brought her to the vet and it turned out she had a cold. I'd say bring her in, especially since she's so young and new....always better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Take her to the Vet ASAP! It sounds like she got a kitty cold (it happens a lot) and needs some medicine and tendering loving care from her meowmie !
  5. Take her to the Vet do not wait. Could be cat Flu. Do not want to alarm you but any animal that is very young that gets sick needs to go to the vets they can go down hill fast.
  6. Yes, take her to your vet!!! She came from the shelter, so probably has upper respiratory infection, which is unfortunately common for cats who come from shelter environments. Don't take it lightly as others are suggesting!!!
  7. Make sure you take her in to see the vet...could be an upper respiratory infection. My cats had one when I adopted him. It can be quite serious if they don't get help.
  8. When I first got my kitten. She was sick like you described above. And it did turn out that she had an respiratory infection. I would take your kitty to the vets so they can give her meds.
  9. Definitely get her into the vet ASAP. If you have to, take her into the emergency vet. It sounds like she does have a respiratory infection and will need antibiotics right away. That should clear it up for the poor baby. Keep us posted and let us know what you did and how she is doing! She's a beautiful baby!

  10. UPDATE: I took Tiger to the vet today and she does have a kitty cold. She was prescribed antibiotics and should be feeling better in a few days! I'm so glad she's going to be OK! The meds make her tired so she is napping now.
  11. Yay!! I'm so glad to hear she's doing better and is going to be ok. Thanks for the update!
  12. So glad she is OK.

    Never heard of a cat having a cold before, knew they could get Cat Flu which is totally different, but always thought animals did not get colds. Learn something new every day. Again great news and glad she will be OK:yahoo:
  13. I am so relieved that she will be OK:smile:
  14. 2nd update: The medicine has worked sooo fast!!! I've given her 5 doses and she has improved 200%! She is running around all over the house and jumping, climbing, and getting into everything! When she was sick, all she did was sleep. I'm so happy she's feeling better. She still has 5 more doses to go until she's off meds.
  15. So glad to hear kitty is back to her bouncy self! :yes: