Need help!!... Neverfull at MOCA

  1. I am going to LA on 3rd November . For sure go to MOCA>.. BUT

    Do you know if they will do phone or email orders for these items, or are they only available for purchase in person?

    I want to buy 1 neverfull PM size Only... I am not sure ... available !!!

    Anyone know.. Please Help!!

    Thxs in advance
  2. I thought the event ended already

  3. It is open to the public starting today.
  4. No phone or online orders.
  5. hope i can get one..
  6. Nov 3rd is very soon - I bet u will get a Neverfull for sure! I'm jealous! Not sure when I will be able to get there... : (
  7. I cant fly over just to get that bag. ;(

    I like the agenda so much
  8. Holiday trip from Norway to LA... My hubby get so angry... i ve changed plane ticket dates every week ,, just wait Lv boutique open at MOCA ... lol
  9. ^
    That 's so wonderful! Lucky you! I hope you get whatever you want. ^_^
  10. Man, I wish I could just drop everything and fly out there and buy a Neverfull, Agenda and coin purse. *Sigh*
  11. No phone or email orders, only in person.

    I'm going that same day, here's hoping there are things there for us to buy! Lol.
  12. I REALLY hope there are neverfulls to buy on Nov. 3rd cuz that is the first day that I can go as well.
  13. you guys think there will still be stuff available by late december? i'll be spending christmas in los angeles & i'm definitely going to MOCA. i'm thinking of getting the neverfull GM, mc agenda, rond & mc canvas art .

  14. MC both black and white agenda SOLD OUT...
    You can thread earlier...
  15. If they did phone orders that suff'd be gone by now. LOL