Need Help, never shipped internationally! Is Italy ok?

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  1. I have a buyer with 100% feedback that wants me to ship to Italy. She says it is confirmed paypal address. I have always stayed away from international buyers because I thought things get more complicated and I have heard some real horror stories. Can anyone offer some advice? Should I just forget about the sale? Or is it safe? And how is the best way to get it to Italy?

  2. I'm not 1005 sure but I heard that Italy have a lot of restrictions like leather goods are not permitted, etc.
  3. Make sure your buyer will agree to pay imported duty custom. Even if you declare item in low amount, buyer still need to pay custom.
  4. Make sure the buyer agrees to ALL of your stipulations. Ship EMS, remove the money from paypal as soon as she's paid, use a security tag and or a combination lock, make sure that she understands and agrees that you won't alter the custom forms and that she will have to pay duties. Good luck!
  5. I live in Italy and have ordered from the US a bunch of a declared value of over (around) 50 euros I pay around 15% taxes. I have also requested sellers to underdeclare things, assuming all responsibility that goes with that, of course.
    I've heard about the restrictions but I have had shoes and leather gloves shipped to me from the US so I'm not sure what the restrictions might be. maybe exotic skins?
  6. Hello!:PI'm from Italy. It's not about the country (of course shipping to Italy is safe!), it's about people...i mean,scammers are everywhere in the world!
    Your italian buyer CAN'T HAVE A PAYPAL CONFIRMED ADDRESS BECAUSE NOONE IN ITALY HAS IT,Paypal doesn't provide confirmation here and in most of Europe countries.So,check it very well!
    About the custom restrictions,yes,there are many,some of them truly ridicoulous (knitted items,toys ecc) BUT i always purchased leather items and they never got stuck in customs,despite the restrictions.So,no problem about this,except if you're sending exotic leather items...this "might" be an issue.
    Make sure your buyer there will be custom fees,quite high here! (i just paid around 65$ for a 159,90$ pair of shoes).
    Be sure to ship with signature on delivery and,possibly,insurance....but these things are the same for every other country,not only Italy:flowers:
  7. i couldn't agree more :smile:
  8. is having a paypal confirmed address the same as having a "verified account"? if not maybe your buyer is getting the two confused! I have my account verified here but I'm not sure if that means it is confirmed as well...:confused1:
  9. :tup::flowers:

    No,they are two different things.I'm verified as well,but cannot be confirmed.So,basically,she wouldn't be covered by Paypal seller's protection if something should go wrong :s
  10. uhuh...true merely verified...not confirmed...i became verified after paying a $1.95 fee on paypal to upgrade my account so i can pay for ebay items more than $100

    confirmed addies are something paypal should work on...there are a lot of good buyers internationally and i cant blame sellers for being pensive shipping internationally just because we're unconfirmed...but hey ill probably be a granny before that happens :smile:
  11. The Italian post is NOTORIOUSLY bad!

    I had a horrifying incident of a buyer receiving my package with nothing inside of it. This after I sent the thing registered and received a notice that it arrived ok. Turns out that once it gets handed over to the Italian post, it counts as having arrived. Then someone at the post office helped themselves to the item and sent the package onto the buyer. The buyer had to go down to the postal office and BRIBE them to get her item.

    Needless to say, I don't ship to Italy anymore.
  12. Bad apples are far i've heard other PFers from many other countries complaining about their postal services...with this i don't mean to say italian postal service is well organized or efficient...i could never say this because i fight with the ignorance of the employees every day (:yucky:) BUT this things are not strictly related or exclusively linked to the italian postal service. Just today i received an international parcel sent out by a private courier service with overnight know what?? One of the purses was stolen from my parcel!!:crybaby:
  13. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that the country was not okay. What I meant was that I thought they did not have confirmed addresses in Italy. (I have heard England does).

    She wants me to say it is clothes. "using clothes" is what she typed. Maybe she means "used clothes". So I guess you guys don't recommend lying? I have heard of others that undervalue things, but this is one of the reasons I get so hesitant about everything. It gets much more complicated.
  14. So is the only difference her coverage and protection? Is it irrelevant to me?
  15. Purly and Stefyp, it is stories like that that make me crazy and not want to bother with the whole thing. I have been happy in the past to take a little less and not get involved with international sales of any kind. I hope it was insured Stefyp. You must be so disappointed.