Need help! Need a Comfy shoe for everyday wear...

  1. I am trying to be more girly and fashionable and have decided to give up my oh so comfy Doc Martens and running shoes.
    I need something with about a 1" heel (preferably a wide heel) that I can wear to run around campus all day!
    Preferably in black so they 'go' with everything.
    I also have wide feet!
    Not wanting to spend a fortune!
  2. Cole Haan G series are very comfortable. Lots of different styles.
  3. Dansko? Not the clog, they have other more stylish shoes. I like this one, but there are also other styles

  4. Have you tried Geox? They are very comfortable & allow your foot to breathe
  5. Marc Jacobs has some lower heeled shoes.
  6. steve maddens are comfortable and you can get them really cheap
  7. I can understand your frustration of a search for the perfect, reasonable shoe. So far, I think everyone gave great suggestions.
    Does anybody have advice for a shoe that can be worn with a skirt or dress? I love kitten heels but I find it very difficult to find them.
  8. Rieker

  9. I totally agree and Rohde. I just bought a pair today but, they only look good if you wear pants.

    What about if you wear a skirt or dress?
  10. Agreed.
    I recently got a pair at DSW for under $50, I have some SM flats I got at Macys for like $20, and another pair of heels I got at the Steve Madden store.
  11. French Sole ballet flats--you can get a pair to match every outfit.