Need Help Narrowing Down Watch/Necklace Choice for Wife's Christmas Present

  1. looking to spend 1-2k on one decent piece (have other gifts too but this will be the centerpiece).

    Thinking about:




    I almost like the second better even though it's 300 less (1400), but the carat weight is obviously way lower. I also had my eye on a pink cartier that a friend told me looked a bit boring, but I really like it:


    Any suggestions welcome of course. My wife loves soft pink and just elegant, but not gaudy things. Thanks.
  2. I think both necklaces are very pretty...I think I may like the second one better as well. I am not crazy about the watch.
  3. I LOVE the first necklace. However, you can't go wrong with a Cartier timepiece. It's a beauty! Either one is a winner. Let us know what you decide.
  4. Definitely the watch - it's timeless (pardon the pun):P
  5. Definitely the first necklace. Pave is beautiful and I love the way the chain is looped around the pendant. The second necklace is nice too, but I think the first is more impressive. The Cartier watch doesn't do it for me (I don't like the band for some reason).
  6. I love both of the necklaces! They're gorgeous and elegant. The watch is also beautiful. It guess it just depends on what you think she'd wear most often.
  7. My vote is for the first necklace. I love how the chain is holding the piece. I also like the shape of the piece. The diamond work will give it a great twinkle and it will look lovely on the neck. It is simply elegant and has a bit of sex appeal. It will go with everything. I also feel it will light up her face when she opens it! Lucky lady.
  8. If it were me I'd want the watch. :smile: In fact, if you want to buy the necklace for your wife, and buy the watch for me I would be very amenable. :P No? Well, just thought I'd give it a shot.

  9. Definitely the watch, it can be worn anytime. It's classic and timeless.
  10. I love that second necklace! It's actually on my wish list too! Not a fan of watches in general but, if your wife loves watches, you can't go wrong with a Cartier!
  11. Thanks very much for the nice insights all, definitely helping with my decision.
  12. I like the second necklace the nest, but, the watch is a classic, I think you should go with that!
  13. Necklace with Pave diamond are kinda not so value-for-money. Get a solitaire instead if u have to buy a diamond necklace. Watches may breakdown, diamonds are.. forever!
  14. All are great looking, but I favor the necklaces over the watch because I've always thought if you're going to get a gold Cartier watch, you might as well get a solid 18K one instead of the vermeil.

    In terms of the necklaces, I think the first is more classic and the second will end up looking dated.
  15. what kind of gal is she?
    Professional, stay at home mom, athletic?
    What's her style?

    I prefer the top piece personally.