Need Help Names of with Choo Handbags

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  2. The last oone looks like the tish . . . but it might be a different size which would then change the name. I am not sure of the other 2
  3. The lilac one is a tulita.
  4. I think first one might be Tahula line, I'll check my records and get back. I have two bags from this line, I think there were maybe 5, handles and fronts of bag (locks) were the same, shapes were different, they had a large satchel, east west doctors bags. I will post the two that I have as soon as I get home.
  5. Yes the bottom one is a Tulita and I can't believe I can't remember the top one - I had that one in a sage color and gave it to my sister.
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    I thought the purple one was a Tulita at first too, but if you compare them, the Tulita has a buckle going down under the bag. This bag doesn't have that bottom buckle/strap.

    Do you think they changed the style along the way? Is there any way I can find out when it was changed so that i can put it in my auction. I don't want a buyer thinking it is the newer version of the tulita and have an angry buyer.

    Some eBay buyers are scary if you know what I mean. So any advice XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thanks!!!!

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  7. Samantha, I saw your beautiful black Tulita in the picture thread and it is the same as my purple one. I guess the style changed a bit since 2004. Thank you so much for posting that pic.

    Mystery solved on 1 bag.

    Two more bags to go!!
  8. The top one is from the Tahula line, I just recently sold one from this line --the bottom two are from the Tulita line. The bottom looks like the small flap. I know there were at least 2 sizes in that style, maybe 3. Depending on measurements will tell. The one in the middle might be called the Tulita satchel. If you take pics into a JC boutique, they may be able to give you exact names. Also, I believe the bottom color is called Heather.
  9. Lisasbags, I have one very similar to the top one in a sage green--the official color name was thyme. I was so thrilled to find it, I had an odd shade dark green coat and the thyme went perfect with it. I bought it from Saks.
  10. The bottom bag is actually called the Tam. Recently it has been made in sequins, pony, or the traditional camel hide.
  11. I'm also pretty sure that the second one is called the "Togo."
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    I have personally bought and sold on eBay for years, and I can't think of a better forum for "careful" sellers (and buyers). If you read through some of the handbag sales, you can find a lot of verbage that may protect you from poor buyers (such as limiting bids to those with high positive feedback, etc.) You're likely to find problem bidders anywhere, but the majority of the population on eBay are good people looking for a good deal.


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    I found all of my older JC catalogues with your styles. The first is from the Tahula Collection and is called Hill.The second is from Tulita Collection and is called JC25:nuts: (JC has come a long way).Your last bag is also from Tulita and is called Torquay.
  14. Yes the last one is A Tulita I've Got The Same Bag And In The Same Colour
  15. THe brown bag at the top is either the Tahula Hoop, which retailed in 2005 for $1295 or the Tahula Hayley. Choo has 2 lines that I'm familiar with that year Tahula which included Tahula Hill, Tahula Hoop, Tahula Horizon, Tahula Hilda, Tahula Hillary, Tahula Hut and Tahula Hula, they also had teh Tulita Line
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