Need help - my Golden Retriever had seizures

  1. Hi there,

    anyone out there, Golden Retrievers' owners, and their dogs had seizures?
    The vet said it's common and as long as its not once a month, it is okay.
    And the breeder said the same thing.
    My dog had seizure 4 times last year and already once this year..

    Any one had the same problem? And does anyone know the cause? or any prevention?
  2. I don't have Goldens, but we've had Boxers that had seizures. Most of them just had them occasionally. Would you feel more comfortable getting another opinion about them? Are there any vet specialists near where you live? I don't know what causes them. There is medicine they can give if the attacks are frequent. I hope your dog gets better. You must be very worried.
  3. I am sorry this has happen to your Goldie. I had an English Setter who had this but he was having them non stop which is a bit different. The vet thought it was a brain tumour.

    Try looking this up on the internet or like Boxermom said see if you can find a specialist vet
  4. I had a poodle that had seizures. She had them occasionally throughout her life. Apparently she just had epilepsy. I tried preventative meds but it didn't seem to help. So we'd just hold her when she had one and it would be over pretty quickly and she'd be fine.
  5. One of my min pins has very infrequent seizures, 3-4 times a year. Knock on wood its been about 6 months this time between one. I wouldn't suggest meds unless it was very frequent. Like stated above, just hold your dog and let it know everything is okay and just comfort it. This is also to prevent it from hurting itself. There is nothing you can really do. I know it is scary the first time. If a seizure last more than 10 minutes, call your vet and see if you should bring it in.
  6. You might get more information by finding a forum for Goldens. I found a lot of information in the Yahoo groups I joined when Pasha (little one in my Avatar) got sick. Golden owners and breeders have a lot of knowledge and experience to share (not that you won't find that here, but they may be able to get you some direction faster).

    You may have a big education coming your way. But it's better that you know as much as possible to help your dog.

    Good luck!!
  7. My parents' have a Golden that has seizures, but they realized early on that the trigger was being in a hyperexcitable state. Basically, they avoided making him worked up. They tried making the surroundings very comfortable and soothing for him. It's worked.