need help my finger is dancing...

  1. Really really dancing hard on a vintage piece...any suggestions?:nogood::yes:
  2. Do you have pix of the vintage piece in question (though I'm the last one to advise against dancing fingers, given my latest acquisition...)?
  3. I do..but I don't want to JINX it..LOL! I am so close...It is such a great deal IMO. Black box Kelly ...:sweatdrop: I have been thinking about it for days...
  4. "thinking about it for days" is, to me, a sign that you either need to let your fingers do the dancing, or seriously walk away from the computer with your hands in the air and your credit cards safely locked away. There isn't much middle ground once you're obsessed!
  5. I know... Hmmm I have hit BIN and backed up already once...Such a classic. gahhhhhhh:shrugs:
  6. Doesn't matter now..somebody probably read this post and bought it..oh well more money for Paris!:p
  7. have your finger boogie on the bin button! Its a good deal its vintage!
  8. It is gone...must have been a tpf member
  9. Oh, I'm sorry Ghost but I'm sure there'll be another perfect one later so keep your fingers in shape, lol
  10. You mean it just just BIN? right now?
  11. It's ok...I probably need to wait anyway. The Buyer buys a lot from the same people we all do.
  12. I think I know the bag you were eyeing.... there will be others, and if not, Paris!
  13. Thanks Mistikat..CC will thank me and you! LOL! I was a little worried as I had emailed the seller and asked about the strap. I do not think it had one. Plus, the handle would have needed replacing eventually as it was pretty scratched/gouged up.

    All I have is time;)..Another will come my way when the time is right. No biggy...Thank you for your comments my friend. I really appreciate it. :flowers:
  14. No worries - you'll find something in better condition down the road!
  15. Sorry you missed it! After all that dancing too!