Need help, my DH is going to buy me a mini van!

  1. Well, I turn 35 this year, have a 1 year old, an 11 year old and expecting to add to the family soon. I was a wild and crazy kid and am still fighting the whole middle aged thing--HARD. Today my DH and I went shopping for a mini van and I've finally realized that a mini van will indeed be my next car...not a porche, not a mercedes, not a bmw, not even a Range Rover, but a mini van.

    I really need all of you to help make me feel that it is okay for me to be driving a mini van. My cute little hubby is getting me one with leather interior to make me feel better and will even buy me the red one if I want it.

    I am really sad about this mini van thing.

    Help ladies!
  2. LOL.The dreaded mini van dilemna.....Been there.I solved that prob by making him buy me a BMW SUV......Minivans scare me.Its like a sign of ...hmmmmm...I dunno...I just couldnt go that way.
    I freakin LOVE the BMW SUV......its fab in bad weather
  3. I know....I don't want to drive a mini van, my next car was supposed to be a mercedes...but I just found out I am expecting in Spetember and so now we need a car that can comfortably sit two car seats with space for our 11 year old and only a mini van can do it.

    I can't tell you how bummed I am. I am sooooooo not the mini van type. The only thing that I can say is that there's a lot of space for when I go shopping.
  4. There are lots of SUV's that fit the car seats...if you are unhappy with the mini van..get an SUV instead!
  5. I bought an Escalade! He KNOWS I will never step foot in a minivan.
  6. How many passengers does that seat?
  7. Mine is just the regular one and it seats 6. There is also the extended version and I think it's 8 :yes: and boy do I love it! Every time I get in it I just melt. It is an 07 and it's just da bomb lol!
  8. LOL !!;) OK...I have a friend who felt the SAME way as you. She ended up with a Honda Odyssey. She HATES it... BUT says that it's the BEST way to get her kids around - She has a 4 year old son and twin girls that are 2.

    BUT...........she made her husband get her a car for the times she is by herself (or just with the son, I imagine).

    So, can you get 2 vehicles ??? Some sort of compromise maybe ???:shrugs:
  9. I need an 8 seater because we'll have two adults, two car seats, plus one teen ager. The two car seats take up so much space and can't fit side by side. I don't really want to have to have one of the infants sitting next to the door so realistically it would be one car seat in the middle section and the 2nd car seat in the back section. I think only a mini van can do this. 8 seater SUVs would be tough to get to the back seat.

    :sad: oh well.
  10. Yah, we looked at the Odyssey today and I jokingly asked the guy if they had a Louis Vuitton or Coach edition.

    At this time we already have three cars so we're getting rid of two and getting the van.
  11. Well there is also that I have captain chairs in the back you could have a bench seat and it would work out fine. That's 2 up front three in the middle and two in the back on the regular Escalade
  12. :yahoo: Congrats on your 3rd child!!:yahoo: My DD and my 3rd kid are 12 years apart just like yours. Because I had 3 kids, I had to drive "big" cars. I didn't want a mini-van so I drove suvs including Range Rover and Hummer. I just couldn't figure out where the front of the mini-van starts. This year my 2nd child will go to college,and I'll only have my 9 year old to drive around. My DH says I should drive mercedes SL550. Two seater for a mother of three.... not bad, huh?:yes:

  13. I know, I used to have a black BMW X5 4.4L. I freaking loved that truck sooooo much I wanted to marry it (but polygamy is not allowed where I live). Sadly, I had to sell it because I had my fourth child and I needed a vehicle with a third row. So I bought a Mercedes R350. Now the X5 has a 3rd row! I have to wait until next year to get it.

    DON'T buy a mini-van. My husband's assistant's husband had a huge accident in their van and the van folded up like a tin can. The SUV that hit him however, only dented his front end.
  14. thanks everyone...i can tell you all that there's no way my DH will buy me an escalaide or a mercedes so if there's anyone out there on tpf who will admit to driving a mini van i would love to hear from you all. if not, that's okay. i'll be driving my honda oddyssey with leather interior and convert to soccer mom but with expensive bags and jewelry.
  15. I think I like the idea of a minivan - you have a big family, that is lovely. If it is any consolation - I don't see the big deal, it doesn't say anything about you, except that you need car space to move your family.

    when you step out a vision with your LV etc your style is clear. BTW I know families with four children (and no major age differences) that drove a large Chrysler. Something to think about?

    good luck with your car hunt!