NEED HELP! my birthday is on tues! $175 on what?!

  1. My friend is giving me $175 to spend on whatever I want...
    My choices can be the following:

    1. Put her money towards something more expensive.

    2. Get something from Tiffanys.

    3. A designer accessory, im thinking something like: Marc Jacobs clutch (luxy leather) or Coach, or maybe a LV off ebay.

    What would you do?
    Sorry, I should probably add that im turning 17 on tuesday! Any help would be greatly appreciated!. You can add any ideas to the following!

    I appreciate this ladies, and gents!:heart::heart:
  2. No ebay!

    Please put links in here let us know what you had in mind.
  3. First of all, happy early birthday! I hope your birthday is fabulous.

    Second of all, if I were in your situation and faced with those options, I would probably hold onto the money and save it up for something else. I'm more of a "purse" person than a wallet/clutch (unless it's for special occassions at night), and even then, I prefer a small purse so I can fit in something more than just cash, so I would probably save it up and wait until I spot something absolutely gorgeous that I must have. But that is my own opinion! If you love love love those clutches/that pendant (which, by the way, is so simple and classy), then I totally say go for it!

    IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY! Do what YOU want :smile:
  4. I agree... stay away from ebay! If it's new it will probably be a fake, if it's used it will be worn/show wear.

    How about this marc by marc pouch? eLUXURY - Marc by Marc Jacobs - Eyelet Wristlet

    It's only 128, so you could use the rest to get yourself a Juicy starter bracelet or charm.
  5. ahha thankyou!. I cant wait haha, yes I totally agree, im pretty much strung between the Tiffany necklace, and putting the money towards a bag bag. Thanks so much for your help!:yes:
  6. Oooh thats cute!! I quite like that. Thankyou so much for helping me!! Such lovely people in the PF. Thanks! Good suggestion.
  7. I would go if you wanted from tiffanys and wanted the heart pendant, theres like this one with a regular chain for like 100 instead of the dog tag chain above. Otherwise I would save up for another bag or get the groom cles.
  8. I agree with aarti. I would prefer the regular chain too. I like the clutch but don't think you would use it enough. If its a clutch you prefer save up!

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day and please post pic's once you decide on your purchase.
  9. I would get something from'll have it forever and always remember your friend when you wear it! and you can save the rest for something else
  10. First- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:heart: :heart:

    Me and Ro have some very pretty pieces.... and they are based in NYC (SoHo)

  11. Happy Birthday Girl. I say something from tiffany...
  12. I have Me and Ro earrings on today, I love them. I'd buy some pretty earrings.:yes:
  13. everybody and their dog has a tiffany silver bracelet so i would get a cles... i prefer suhali but w/e....

    lol ur 17! woohhooo almost 18 in a year! im about to start sweet 16 is in may :biggrin:

    ur friend is nice!

    my friends give me ALOT but they are very close to me....
  14. If you saved another $25, you could get this funky, chocolate brown, Marc By Marc Jacobs Pouch Pocket Wallet from Net-A-Porter (which would also make a great clutch):


    Marc by Marc Jacobs Pouch pocket wallet - NET-A-PORTER.COM

    Or, what about this gorgeous Felix Rey Leather Bow Clutch from Neiman Marcus, also for $200? Looks like good value for the quality, to me. :yes:

    In black...


    ...or gold...


    Felix Rey -  Leather Bow Clutch -  Neiman Marcus

    Also, if you fancy something a little different in terms of jewellery, you could afford some of the pieces of designer costume jewellery available. Try eluxury, NAP and Luisa Via Roma. :biggrin: