Need help! miu miu miniature bags !

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  1. Last year I went to a miu miu store at my holiday trip to munich (germany).
    they had of course beautiful bags but also very cute miniature miu miu bags as a "tag" for hanging it on a purse. they were so small and just cute and you can open it just like a normal bag. I was so in love with these.

    I find them soo cute, I wanted to buy the miniature matelasse coffer bag but I only own louis vuitton bags at that time and that didn't match.
    So I didn't bought one. the price was sooo good. I think just around 85 euros.

    do you know what I'm talking about?? do you see them at the stores or maybe even own one ??

    I own a black prada now so I would like to buy one of these for hanging it on my purse. I hate it that miu miu do not have a online store so I can not check if they are available anymore.

    can you help me? do they always have the cute little bags or was that just seasonal??

    thanks a lot !

  2. Hi,

    I am not much help, but last time I check my MM store they still have the miniature bag. I am pretty sure they are a staple just changes of colour every season? Cause I have seen this for a few season already!

    Good luck though!
  3. I was in London a few weeks ago and they had them there too. :smile:
  4. thanks a lot!!

    does anyone know the colours they have now?? remember the price?
  5. i came across this pic the other day (saw it on tumblr) and i fell in love with the miniature coffer! sooo sweet.


    does anyone know the price in euro?
  6. i always see them @ the miumiu store
    $180+ (US)


  7. ooops sorry bout that (can't edit anymore) :shame:

    i think the price its wrong.............i think it is $300+
  8. I saw the little coffer at THE MALL outlet and the price was 90 euro.
    i think it's 180 euro in a boutique(in Italy).
  9. #10 Sep 19, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2010
    180 euros ..?:weird:
    I was so sure it was 85 euros at the miu miu store where I saw them.. that was why I thought wow good price and it doesn't was on sale .. hm. confusing..:-s
    I hate it so much that miu miu doesn't have a online store. how stupid is that.
  10. the Mall outlet doesn't have MiuMiu..
  11. I think the 90 euros are the regular price. I call a miu miu store tomorrow. today they closed it's sunday.
  12. €90 would be great!
    i can't wait for them to open a store in my hometown.
  13. is the price for the mini coffer purse 90 euros? thanks!