Need help..!medium or large..??

  1. I'm about to jump on the ps1band wagon but can't decide if I need large or medium..? I have used in past birkin 35, alma mm large totes but I dont want major heavy..!!!is the medium bigger than a bal city.? For a everyday bag which is better..?im 5'8..!
  2. The medium is comparable to the bal city. I personally like the medium better...I am not a big bag kind of gal. But I am sure you can't go wrong with either...and they are pretty light weight bags.
  3. I own both and am 5' 8 1/2" and I wear a size 8 in clothes....the weight of the bag is about the same with large vs med- it all depends on what you put in them.

    I do feel that wearing the medium as a cross body on me looks a little odd b/c it is not very proportional to my height. I only carry it by the handle or on my shoulder. The large I can carry cross body as well as the other ways.

    If you like I can take a photo with the med on one arm and the large on the other - may be a few days before I can get to this - but if you want I will do that asap.
  4. I like the large. I initially wanted medium but after comparing the drop on the straps, ended up going with large. The medium looked just a hair too short on me to wear cross body and I think large still look pretty proportionate to my size (5'1" 112ish lbs). Medium also felt a little too small fwhen I was trying it seemed harder to get in and out of the bag for me. But then again i'm used to having large bags anyway.
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    I have both and prefer the medium for every day use. It's a great size for daily essentials and easy to carry, both on the shoulder and hand held. But when I want to wear my bag cross body or carry books and documents, then I prefer the large. So it really depends on what you carry on a daily basis and whether you like wearing your bags cross body.

    The large is a lot taller so it feels floppier. But the extra space can come in handy. I'd say the medium is similar to the city, the large is definitely larger. Here are some pictrues (I'm 5'9"):

    Medium on shoulder and cross body

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    medium hand held

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. And large on shoulder and cross body

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and large on arm and hand held

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks.all...hmmmmmm.i think I will need the large...I'm not sure the large comes in all the I wrong..?
  8. Hmmm for your height i'd say go with the Large size. The medium looks too mini on you. My friend who is only 5'3 carries a large and it suits her well too.
    There is a side by side comparison of a balenciaga velo and ps1.
    Hers is a Large ps1. And balenciaga velo is comparable to city (velo is slightly longer/deeper than city). Hope this helps!
  9. FYI, I made my PS1 medium to have longer straps by adding some hardware since the strap is removable. Now I just have extra clasps on each side.( For me this now works crossbody really well. My husband bought the paprika for me for Christmas. LOVE it!
    p.s. I posted this in the general forum because I thought it could apply to any bag. I'll have to do a reveal here!
  10. You are 5'8? Are you a model? Definitely a Large imo
  11. Many thanks for this great tip! After at least a year of mooning over these bags, I have my first PS on the way, a medium saddle, and this is exactly what I need to make it *perfect*. I really struggled with getting a med vs large. I ultimately decided med was going to a better size for me everyday, and the only reason why I wanted the lg was for the crossbody option. After trying them on, lg still didn't hang quite low enough for me enough to justify buying just for that reason (I think I like it slung a little lower than some people). I think these clips will be great to use with all my BBags too!
  12. Totally prefer the medium!
  13. I just received my buckleguy order, and the hardware you suggested works like a charm - thanks again for sharing!
  14. Super!!!!
  15. A few picts of my new PS1 medium with the hardware extenders I bought from Buckleguy (swivel trigger snaps). I love this bag! For reference, I'm 5 ft 4in (but very long torso) and 125 lbs.
    photo after.JPG IMG_0401.JPG