Need help me making up my fool mind

  1. So ladies and gents tell me the postives and the negatives to everything!

    1. Azur Speedy 30
    pro: Love it, great for summer
    con: vachetta, already have an Azur piece

    2. Damier Melville Pochette
    pro: cross body, no vachetta
    con: small

    3. Balenciaga Day in Light Blue
    pro: great for summer, can hold a lot
    con: older bag, not usually a hobo girl

    4. Balenciaga First in Grey
    pro: goes with everything, great price
    con: not very summery

    damn easy submission! I forgot my poll option! :noggin: :lecture:

    Help me make up my mind, since it's so scatterbrained as it is. :nuts:
  2. OK, I looked at your collection. I think the Azur Speedy would be a lovely addition esp for spring and your indigo pieces would look great with it!
    I would hold off on the Grey B bag until fall. Also, the Damier Melville for fall would be nice.
  3. um forget the azur speedy- feh who needs it. and can i have it when you reject it? lol. i actually think it's the best choice. i love the way it looks with patina and i think its the best all aorund bag listed. the bbag would be nice too but in the grey. i think grey is an all year color... unless it's very dark grey.
  4. I'd say the Azure Speedy, but if you posted this on the B Board, the Balenciaga would of course win.
  5. Damier Melville Pochette
  6. LOL That was my worry! Maybe it was my subconscious of not straying to the darkside of the B-bags :biggrin:
  7. Azur Speedy with Indigo YeS!!!!!:yes: :yahoo: :yes:

    mew. What azur piece do you already have??? Unlike, Michelle, I haven't looked at your whole collection, but would LOVE to, bet it's fabulous... not sure how to get there fast...:idea:
  8. click on mitzi's collection in her sig....:wlae:

  9. lol.. I'll take the rejected one too! Especially if it's a 30; since I only have 25 on order:roflmfao: letusknow. we can girlfight over it...:graucho: (like the videos)...
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. I'd go with the Azur Speedy. The B-Bags seem bigger than what you usually have in your collection (I took a peek @ your collection -- very nice BTW). Plus the speedy is classic the style, IMO won't fade away like hobo bags do. Spring is coming too, so get that light coloured bag!
  12. tanks!!! dat's ez nough, think I can handle it... let's see...
  13. Azur Speedy or grey Balenciaga :love:
  14. WHAT a TREAT!!!! wow. LOVE the toys, so cool and Japanese like... awesome awesome collection, oh you've got some beautiful Indigo and the blue vernis with it.... love your taste!!! Azure speedy would be so nice, thanks for the great eye candy!
  15. Azur! My first choice. It's just so delicious. What azur item do you already have? If it's a bag, I would get the First - but in a diff colour! ;)