Need help! Manhattan PM, White MC Lodge PM or White MC Noe?


Which bag should I buy next?

  1. Manhattan PM

  2. White MC Lodge PM

  3. White MC Noe

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  1. I am so indecisive! Please give your advice on which bag I should get next! They are all around the same price. Thanks in advance!
  2. The MC's so cute!
  3. i love the manhattan!!!!!

    get it girl.... hehehe
  4. i have the Manhattan PM, so i'm biased. but it's such a classy bag, and it can be dressed up or down, and it's a good day-to-evening bag
  5. Manhattan PM hands down!
  6. Noe!!!
  7. That's a tough one... I choose the Lodge PM.
  8. definitely the manhattan.
  9. Manhattan PM - IMO it's the classiest LV, and you don't see it very often...
  10. manhattan! :smile:
  11. This is a tough one - but I would choose to go with the MC Lodge. Its not winning the poll, but I also don't know if I want a MC Noe or MC Lodge PM. I love both of them and love the MC White Lodge and MC Black Lodge. and With the MC Noe, I love it in MC Black. :yes: :heart: I'm looking for a shoulder purse. And i love the MC Lodge PM.
  12. Manhattan pm.
  13. If you prefer a handheld bag, go for Manhattan PM. If you want a shoulder bag, go for Noe.
  14. I voted for the multicolor noe. I love the bright colors for spring and summer plus it is a shoulder bag
  15. The lodge PM. I have it in black and LOVE it!