Need help making a decision....sigh....

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  1. #1 Feb 8, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2010
    Ok....I can't decide about periwinkly Audrey....LOVE the color and leather and I have no other Madison leather bag and I really want one.....

    However I am just not sure I like her on me.....sigh....I think she is a bit big for me, I don't carry much, I can carry a small Sabrina and have room to spare! ;)

    Audrey seems more square to me...not sure its flattering on my 5' frame!?? And she seems so well...empty once I load her...and it makes her shape....well not right or tell me what you think ladies! And I especially am not liking her on the shoulder!!

    See how she looks so empty and flattened to me here...


    Here she is on my shoulder.....




  2. And here she is as a satchel



  3. I prefer her as a satchel.

    Here is the thing...if you're not happy, you're not happy. Bags are meant to be practical and used, if you don't want to keep it, then you shouldn't.
  4. I have a small frame also and I'm
    using my Audrey as satchel. I haven't tried her the other way
  5. HI,
    I have seen the Periwinkle Audrey IRL and I didn't like the color. (I thought too light!) Now, I see your pictures and I love the color!!!! I think she looks great on you!!!! I know I had a hard time with Sabrina!! (I thought it looked like I was carrying a duffle bag when I used the long strap!) I don't think she looks too big! (I am debating over a small Cranberry Sabrina that I bought - I am 6ft and shrinking! LOL)
    I say keep her!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. i think she looks great on you- but bottom line- if you doubt her this much maybe you should get something else? i m sure there will be many more bags that you are gonna wanna have...
  7. I like as a satchel - you have to LOVE her - if you dont - let her go
  8. I think she looks good, but don't where her with so much blue on!
  9. hmmm well I didnt care for her until I saw it on you lol lovely!... but you have to love it.. I think the color is beautiful.......
  10. Yes I agree...its the whole color thing that is making me many other bags are there in this blue?? One that I know of...Maggie I think...and she is not for me....if it were any other color she would be gone!! :sad:

    That is my thought too...if its soooo hard for me to decide maybe she just needs to go back...again....its the color that is getting me!!

    ROFL...your too funny!! :smile: Yep its a lot of blue eh?? :nuts:

    Hmmmmm.....what to do??

    All of you are right....I am not flipping over everything about her...mostly her color!! Just wish I knew if Coach were going to do more in this color?? Sigh....
  11. I love the periwinkle color. And I think it looks good on you. But I have had the same dilemna. I tried both an Aundrey and Maggie and neither was right for me. I thought the Adurey was a weird shape for me and the Maggie won't stay on my shoulder. As much as I love the color I will live without it because the bags don't work for me. If you don't love it pass on it. Another bag will come along that you love.
  12. I think she looks great on you... This bag is more square and hard to fill, I have a lot of stuff and can not fill my Large Sabrina's...

    The bag looks good on you and the color is amazing... If you want it to look rounder just get a purse org.. I use it on all of my for the shape..

    I do not like my Sabrina's or Audrey on my Shoulder either I just wear it on my are or hand..
  13. Omg thats my HG Coach bag shes so hard to track down at the outlet! I say keep her keep her b4 I come for you lol
  14. Am so glad someone else has had this trouble with Audrey....I guess its her shape and the fact that I don't carrry much stuff...adds up to me not being sure I can justify it!!

    Hmmmmm......maybe a purse organizer would help...they will add more weight though right?

    LOL...OHHHH so sorry.....I thought she was one of my most desired bags its very disappointing to be even thinking about returning her!!:nuts:

    Thanks for all your opinions all seem to think she looks fine on me so what is my problem?? You were suppose to tell me oh yah she is too big on!! :smile:
  15. I have the same bag and I haven't decided if I will keep her or not either. I don't mind the shape. I actually am thinking it might be easier to deal with than my small sabrina b/c there is a little more room. If the shape is what's bothering you the most, I would get a purse-to-go organizer. That will help her keep her shape.

    I don't really like wearing sabrina or audrey over the shoulder. The shape is just off for me. It looks good as a satchel though and not too big for you.

    Keep her for a week or so and then decide. If you still are really uncertain, than it isn't the bag for you. If the thought of returning her makes you really sad, than maybe you should keep her. That's how I try to decide. I am trying to decide with a couple bags myself. Same battle, love the color/material but don't like the shape of vice versa. We need to be able to make our own bags, like build a bear, but Coach. :lol: