Need help...Lux Line

  1. Hello ladies!

    Please help me decide which bag to buy. I'm going to purchase my very first Chanel bag. Fell in love with the Luxe Line but I cannot decide whether I should get the Flap bag or the Bowler. In black or silver?

  2. Were you also able to find the metallic bags in the store? I was told that they are almost completely sold out.

    I prefer the bowler bag myself. It would be a tough call between black and silver, both are fabulous!
  3. Hello Smoothoprter!

    I live in Singapore & they (Chanel Takashimaya) have a waitlist for the Luxe bowler metallic silver. But they do have the black flap available. Oooh decisions, decisions...I'm on the wait list already #10... aint that bad.

  4. i prefer the bowler in black. I have it in metallic black and just love it!
  5. Black or metallic black?
    Tough call indeed, I chose Metallic black in the flap though.
  6. I did not like the regular black--it's too matte and looks a little too faded or something to me. The metallic black is absolutely fabulous! It's not really a shiny metallic, more like a black with a nice sheen... But I am biased since I have the bowler in metallic black. The silver is pretty too.
  7. I would go for the black bowler
  8. I'm really hoping the black on the fall line is not as matte this time around, since Chanel is only doing one black. Hopefully they got the message that customers weren't fond of the matte black. I adore the bowler and really want to keep the black one I've preordered. I just wish it would hurry up and arrive to the store.:girlsigh:
  9. I originally got the matte black flap (not interested in bowler style so didn't pursue). I hated the matte leather but loved the flap style. I returned it and my SA got her hands on a black metallic flap for me. Loved it, kept it.
  10. Is Mischa Barton's matte black or metallic black?
  11. They are both beautiful bags.....such a hard decision. i think i would get the bowler bag in black
  12. Thanks a lot!


    I'm waiting for my bowler metallic black. I just cant wait!!!
  13. I tried both and find that the flap is definitely more attractive when worn on the person. I'm getting the flap in metallic black. The new batch for Fall comes out at the end of July in metallic black and silver.
  14. I thought I liked the bowler better than the flap but, when I saw the bowler in person again, I felt the flap was a better bag for me, so I ordered the flap in silver! Can't wait!!! Oh why do we always have to wait!!!
  15. I think one color that is totally underrated is the red. I looked at the metallic black vs. the red and I totally fell in love with the red. It is a rich burgandy color that is sooooo classic. The minute I saw it, I bought it.