Need Help looking for a Pochette Graffiti in Silver..

  1. I am looking for a pochette graffiti in silver. I couldnt believe I let it go and sell it to one of my friends a couple years ago..:push:

    I saw one in eBay selling for $850 USD .... I think is so ridculously priced ... Do u guys have any suggestion on where I could find one that is resonably priced? I got so desperate that I even thought of getting it in peach to staisfy my cravings.. there is one on lets trade but the patina is too dark .. I am thinking if I should get that and have the store replace the leather for me .. what do u guys think.. and how much do u think the replacement will cost ... ??

    My BF thinks that the bag is cute .. but not cute enough to buy use... I have never bought a used bag before.. so I need help from all of you here.. ! Thanks in advance.. !! All your help will be greatly appreciated.. !!