Need Help Locating Lucille PM!

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  1. My friend's sister very recently decided that she'd like to have her own lucille pm. She bought their middle sister a cherry one for her birthday several years ago and would like a new purse now but the mini mono line is discontinued. She stopped by our local boutique (Valley Fair Mall) and they told her that there are none left in the continental U.S. (we live in CA).

    All that I would need is for someone to pick up the purse from the boutique and mail it here to CA. I purchased one of my panda pochettes from an LV boutique in Canada before and they faxed a form over to charge my credit card. We just need to middleman/woman who will pick up the paid for bag. Please let me know if you can help me out! Feel free to send me a PM or just reply here. Thank you so much!!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. cute!!
  4. That is SO cute!
  5. Just wondering why you can't have it shipped directly from the store?
  6. ^^^They have the 2 colors on Eluxury currently. You could charge it, get it gift wrapped, and away to your sister friend.
  7. Monogram mini is no longer carried in stores. Just elux.
  8. Thanks. I forgot that Monogram mini is not carried anymore, but the other tPFer mentioned something still about picking it up in the boutique and having it mailed to her by anyone else who could do it. Just seems odd that someone would have to pick it up at the store for her and mail it... Ok. I'll stop typing now...
  9. some stores do still have mono mini pieces. i know the nyc 5th ave store had a black lucille gm about a week or so after christmas. god i wish i could afford that bag, it was stunning.

    but it wasn't on display. i asked for it and they brought it out.
  10. actually, we don't allow people to use tPF to have someone buy something on behalf of someone else.
    It's considered buying and selling as one person would have to buy it and turn around and receive payment/send for it.
    Not allowed, sorry.
Thread Status:
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