Need HELP Listing a bag

  1. I want to list a bag, but i can't find the description of the bag anywhere online. what should I do?
  2. What do you mean you can't find the description online?
    Do you mean the name of the bag?
  3. The make, model, manufacturer, and size of the bag in question? :jammin:
  4. no, i want to add a description to the listing, like size, type of leather, the detailing and i know that i can't exactly describe it the way that it should be

  5. ^^^YES
  6. I think you might get a bit more help if you post a pic of your bag here and ask if anyone knows anything about the brand & style name. Then you work from there with more internet/eBay searches. :yes:
  7. Well, I have to tell you that descriptions posted on the internet at retail sites are copyrighted material and therefore not yours to cut and paste. eBay will pull a listing for that. Same with descriptions copied from other eBay sellers.

    I recommend that you just measure the bag yourself and describe it as well as you possibly can. The truth is that for most buyers the pictures really tell the story, and half of them don't even read the listing anyway!

    Good luck.
  8. There should be some kind of interior tag identifying it.
    I would post a pic hoping that someone will recognize it on sight. :smile:
  9. Good luck. Depending on what brand it is, you may be able to find at least the name in one of the forums here. Good luck! I think lots of pictures will make up for any issues you have describing the bag. I always read the descriptions for things like measurements (not just of the bag, but of the drop length), wear, flaws, etc. but when it comes to figuring out if I like the bag, i go straight to the pics.
  10. I totally agree. Try and find out as much as you can (with help from us on here, perhaps) and then the pictures will do the talking for you.
    Best of luck!:flowers:
  11. Pictures here will give you the info you need which people will use when they search it on ebay. After that, the pictures will do the selling.