Need help! large NM haul


Which 2 or 3 handbags should I keep? (my first MJs)

  1. Mayfair Teal or Mayfair Black

  2. Camilla Metallic Silver

  3. Venetia Metallic Bronze

  4. East West Stam Satchel indigo patent

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  1. Hi there,
    I have wanted a MJ handbag for years, so when last call @ NM happened I went totally crazy and bought a bunch of bags. I figured that many would be cancelled and wouldn't actually ship...well I just checked my account and they are all shipping:wtf:. I need to get some opinions about which two o three:s to keep.

    The Mayfair in both teal and black
    The East West Sachel in patent indigo
    The Venetia in metallic bronze
    The Camilia in metalic silver

    Thanks for any advice or guidance. I really like them all and know it will be a painful choice!
  2. first of all, congrats to all the mj bags you got! i'm not sure what the east west satchel looks like, but indigo is a very pretty color. i would definitely keep the black mayfair and the metallic bronze venetia. is there anyway you can post pics of all the bags? i think it would make it easier for us to help you decide. :graucho:
  3. Whoa! :nuts: That IS a major haul!! Congrats for managing to snag all of those bags from NM!!

    I vote for keeping one of the Mayfairs for sure. The bronze Venetia is a gorgeous bag as well.

    I guess it would be helpful to see pics of all of the bags. You'd probably get more input that way. :yes:
  4. I will definitely post pictures of the bags when they arrive (probably Saturday). I've never gone on such a bender before, but I can't wait to see the bags in person. The East West quilted stam satchel is a gorgeous color but it's 17 inches wide. It may look enormous!
  5. I would love to see pics to be sure b/c there are a few styles/colors I haven't seen. But I definitely think the East West in indigo is gorgeous.
  6. Tell me again how you snagged all those bags? (BTW I can totally see how it's that easy to get carried away with MJ - I did it slowly over 2 months LOL) But...did you order these all online? In store? (What do you mean when Last Call there a specific date or something?) thanks!
  7. Here are a few pics -

    Mayfair, Teal (I didn't realize the black went on sale! Wow - Lucky you!)

    Here's the Camilla in "Bone"

    and here's a pic of the Patchwork in Silver (to give you an idea of the Silver color)

    Venetia Patchwork, Bronze:

    East-West Satchel, Black

    and here's the color Indigo (as a Patchwork Stam)

    Was the Indigo E/W Satchel on Sale? I thought that was a new color from the Resort line??

    My vote is for the Mayfair in Teal (I have a Zip Clutch in that color and LOVE it!) and the E/W Satchel in Indigo - I wouldn't worry that it will be too big for you. Someone here owns one & has raved at how much she loves it. Here's a thread about it, if it helps:

    If you're looking to keep a third one, I vote for the Bronze Venetia - the Venetia is one of MJ's classic styles (he's been doing them since his very first season) and every MJ fan should own a classic!! The addition of the chain strap makes the bag very easy to carry, plus the bronze color is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Let us know what you decide and PLEASE post pics of the all your bags!
  8. Beautiful bags, I love all of them!!
  9. I voted for the Stam in indigo patent and the Mayfair in teal. That way you get the best of both worlds - a timeless classic (the Stam), and a trendier bag in an awesome color (Mayfair) that will still look classic years from now, but still satisfies that "something current and fun" bug. Does that make sense? I just woke up. :shame:
  10. :woohoo:

    That's QUITE a bender!! But somehow, we all understand and I think we'd all do it if we could! :p

    I'm not quite sure of what all the bags look like except the Mayfair and it's SO pretty so I'd keep the teal one!!!!
  11. WOW!
    my best advice is to try them on and see what fits your lifestyle best!CANT WAIT to see pics!very cute bags!!GREAT HAUL!LOL!
  12. Did you get good deals?
    Great haul :smile:.

  13. I bought all the bags online during January 14th and 15th on I'd been trolling the website for two weeks and everyday a couple of new bags (never MJ) would pop up. This was their after Xmas sale-- "first call." Then after January 12th first call ended and last call started, so all the left over bags were marked down an additional 40%. I stopped looking at the website becasue nothing was really calling me, but then Monday around 5pm NM started adding all these new, awesome bags to the website. Every 30 minutes a new MJ handbag would pop up for 60-90 seconds and then sell out. I acted quickly. The last couple of days NM has added much less inventory, aolthough the Mina bag in deep purple/plum has popped up briefly.
  14. Thanks for those pictures and the good advice. I will post when the bags arrive.
    The east west stam quilted en route is supposed to be patent indigo, but I guess we will see what arrives.

  15. Thanks for the pics and the good advice. I will post once the bags arrive. It will be a sophie's choice moment when I decide which ones to keep!