Need help ladies: Yay or nay on this Prada satchel? r/o

  1. Hmm. It looks like the discoloration has soaked into the leather.
  2. yikes...Scary lookin.I wouldnt get it
  3. Seller rates it 8/10--she's generous. Either it's been used a LOT or this beautiful finish/color doesn't hold up well. I'd pass.
  4. The stain definitely looks permanent- the mark on the interior label makes me think that the seller bought it at an outlet with the stain already on it.
  5. Yeah I totally agree...there was just one on Bluefly for about 12's gone now...that eBay bag isn't worth it IMO..I have some old bags and NONE of them look like that!!!!! Shame on that owner!! ...ANd that poor sweet bag!!! :crybaby:
  6. I agree, Prada usually holds up much better so that bag was through a lot.