Need help ladies for the Neverfull, all sizes!

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  1. Hello my fellow LV ladies, can anyone help me locate the Neverfull? My best friends bf is trying to track one down for my best friends birthday but he's had no luck so far. All sizes of the Neverfull are out of stock online and he's on 5 different waitlists in CA and NV. Any assistance ladies will be greatly appreciated!!
  2. LV boutique in Valley Fair Mall in San Jose, CA. Has at least one NF Azur GM. It was on display. They just got a fairly large shipment in last week.
  3. Thanks once again joy&lv for looking out and your reply but I should of specified in my original post that my best friend wants the Neverfull in Monagram Canvas. If any of you ladies spot one, please let me know, thanks! Feel a little bad for my best friends bf, he doesn't "get" how LV's could be out of stock haha :smile: