need help keepall or other...kinda long lots of questions

  1. I am still not sure where the right place to post this is because its a bit of everything.

    so waterproof keepall (costs quite a bit more, but this is the only mono style I have liked in a loooong time, but I dont plan on booking passage on the titanic anytime soon), damier ebene keepall or damier Azur keepall ? Or maybe not a keepall at all ?

    I know in a pervious thread people said they can get heavy and they would have opted for a pegase instead, being that I mostly travel by air should I even get a keepall ? I am a fan of structure how bad do they sag? do they sag when they are full ? I have never seen one full and weighted down how do they look ? I have been really eyeing something carry on but I really dont want something that will be unruly and heavy, just one or the other.:roflmfao: ...maybe something with wheels is the right way to go..ah well......TIA everyone :roflmfao:
  2. I can't help, but damn that waterproof carryall is sexy.
  3. No sag with mine (I have the 50) and if you like it, you should get it. You never know when you'll need to take a trip somewhere.
  4. I think everyone should have a keepall if they can! Go for it!
  5. The keepalls are a great item. I love mine.
  6. thats good to know. I was worried that it might sag like the speedy ( I know that keepalls are belted unlike the speedy but I wasnt sure if it would help that much) or just look limp and ugly if it isnt stuffed full.
    I am worried about the weight though if I have to schlep it and it gets really heavy it might loose its charm really fast..:roflmfao: especially when you are tired after a flight.
  7. Keepalls are classic...I especiallly like them with a shoulder strap. Regular damier would be my choice...if you want something more structured, but not quite a pegase. You could try:

    Greenwich gm or PM
    Riberia gm
    nolita 24 (officially discontinued, but still available)

    Here is my greenwhich gm:



  8. Thanks Alot!! I will look into those, I would go the pegase route but I just cant justifiy it. I have really nice tumi luggage and its indestructable. I also think that they would be less apt to make you check a bag type carryon (should it come that) as opposed to a rollerboard. Its the one thing I am deathly afraid of happening if I get a LV carry on.
  9. Keepalls are awesome. But if you want to check out other options try looking at the "Carryall".
  10. If you get a keepall, make sure you get one with a strap !!
  11. Just got an eole 50 and a vaslav. Can't wait for their maiden voyages. I think the eole has a lot of structure because it is supported by the metal pull. It won't sag and it doubles as a duffel. If it gets heavy, just roll it. As for the Vaslav, I just got this for the look. Hheheehe It's so chic. Goodluck but I must admit, the waterproof is quite a sight to see.
  12. ITA! :tup: i LOVE the Waterproof Keepall but because it is assembled without any stitching, im not sure if it will hold up as long as any of the regular Keepalls. the Keepall's bottom doesn't sag like a Speedy. but it does kinda curve when you carry it on your shoulder when it is not full. but do get one with a shoulder strap - the convenience is worth the extra $$$. the main reason why i don't have a Pegase is because im afraid they'd ask me to check it in one day. the Keepall also folds flat so you can pack it as extra luggage when you return.
  13. Maybe you can look at an Eole. I'm waiting for the Damier one personally.

    I like the look of Keepalls, but I just can't deal w/ carrying them all of the time. Modern luggages come w/ wheels for a reason, lol.