Need help - just bought this bag...

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  1. The On the Road collection, the large black flap bag (shiny one with leather strap). Is it going to be timeless or is it a waste? Too shiny? I am having serious doubts!

    Just FYI, I have a 2.55, a Reissue, a GST, a modern shopping tote (can't remember the name) and that black square hand held one whose name I can't remember, so I do have some classics already...

    Advice PLEASE!
  2. From peoples photos on here I like the bags. But generally j like the chain straps which I equate with classic and timeless Chanel and the straps and handles on ghe on the road bag do nothing for me. I would get a maxi in lamb if you don't have. They're the best! Good luck
  3. I think that "doubt" means "don't"....I would exchange for something that makes your :heart: go pitter pat and that you have NO doubts about!
  4. Thank you! For some reason I have been obsessing about this all day and cannot decide what to do...I think maybe a Jumbo or Maxi is my best bet? They are so hard to find though!
  5. THB I really want the Maxi but the price point is so high, I would need to save up a little more...Is it worth $3195? (That's the price for the caviar, right?). And I am worried that in two weeks when I do have the money they will of course be sold out...