Need Help! Jeans transferred on my white ali!

  1. I'm at work and I just realized that the colour of my blue jeans transferred onto my white Ali and it looks awful. I tried rubbing it out with wet paper towel but it didn't really work and now the colour has turned grey and I'm worried I've ruined the leather.
    Anyone have suggestions on how to get it out?
  2. I dont think that the wet paper towel was a good idea. But wait until it completely dries and use a white eraser on it. It should get most of it out. good luck
  3. I think I have heard TPF members say they use unscented alcohol free baby wipes on their bags.
  4. aww man the wet wipes always mess up bags.. well it messed up my hippie i think.. try the eraser trick but the grey may be stuck.. especially if u rubbed hard through the white dye