Need help in tying this scarf design....

  1. This picture i got from a thread sorry i don't remember the members name i hope if it is your picture you don't mind. I tried looking for it the thread again but i can't find it.

    i love the way it is tied and i have had countless nights trying to figure out how to do it and it just doesn't come out.

    perhaps someone can explain how you fold it and maybe do a a quick photo tutorial for those of us who are imagination challenged:confused1:
  2. I don't know, but it's gorgeous tied like that! I end up looking like Aunt Jemima every time I try a headscarf treatment, but this looks really nice and elegant. I'd like to try it too!
  3. anyone? where are all the
  4. I think I found it. On, you can download some of the scarf-tying book. It's in the second file, page 4. I can't upload it b/c it's too big, but give me a sec and I'll separate that page and resave...
  5. Not sure if this is the exact same method as the photo you've posted.

    I think it's OK to upload this here. It's from Mods -- if it's not OK, pls take it down. Thanks!

    finally i can do it
    HANDYBAGS...thank you for the thread im going to go thru it all lol

    thank you again:tender:
  7. No problem! How about some modeling pics once you master the style?
  8. i don't have any hermes scarfs =[
    i just wanted to lean hot to do it with my other scarfs:rolleyes: