Need Help in San Diego

  1. Hi Girls!

    I am desperate for a Tutti Canguro...THIS WEEK. Does anyone know when Macy's in San Diego will be getting these? I noticed the release date was 7/23?

    The problem is I am going to be working all week and won't be able to run all over the city looking for one.

    Is there a pre-order website that does overnight shipping?


    Wow, i'm desperate :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:
  2. Maijagj

    The release date can be flexible. Usually the Macy's do not get the prints in by the release date. Nordstroms tend to get the patterns in before Macy's. The first ones to get the prints are Pulse and JapanLA. Casey from Pulse ( is great, she even helps with placement. email her ( or call 636 519 4022) and find out what she can do for you
  3. Yeah... release dates aren't that accurate but hopefully a macy's or Nordstroms will get it soon! If I go to the mall on tuesday I'll let you know ;)
  4. Haha that does sound desperate ;P

    Thank god the tutti print is coming out soon, means ill have it by the time school starts!!!! hahaa

    I hope you find one.
  5. Oh btw, Im guessing this is for a special outfit for a special day? haha I get antsy when I need something before a special day.
  6. Does anyone know the release date for Transporto?