need help in making a quick decision WITH PICS!!!!

  1. pls help me. I need to make a quick decision a birkin my SA just offered me.

    IT'S BLACK WITH WHITE STITCHING. I nerve seen a black one with white stitching before. Pls give me your views on it.

    I need to tell her if I want it before someone else get their hands on it.:sweatdrop:

    thank you
  2. I'd get it! :yes:
  3. Sounds lovely. Can you go in and take a look before committing?
  4. ^^^^^^Agreed. Can you look at it?
  5. Oh, i'd grab that baby sooo fast!
    But, that's me! lol.
    I'd see if you can go take a look first.
  6. shopmom- it's a 3 hrs commute for me to go in which is not really a problem but they can't hold it until then. I don't want to make a trip and lose it to someone else on my commute.

    It's a white interior too. My SA said that would get dirty easily too but I think the bagmate that shopmom has will help.
  7. Black with white stitching sounds DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I think it would look amazing, but you'd definitely want to consider a bag organizer...the white interior would be a bit of a problem for me personally, but oh, that white stitching would be TDF!
  9. CXYVR......have them email a foto. I'd def. take a look at this one first. Black exterior, white interior and white stitching? What is the leather?
  10. Ok, just read the white interior part. I would want pics first as well. Tell them to email you, because that might be a turn off, especially with maintenance.
  11. Black with white stitching sounds so gorgeous, BUT as others already said, white interior is kind of concerning...
  12. Hey girls

    I have to start a new thread b/c I don't know how to attached the pic in the reply.. the interior is holding me back....

    oh I don't know ...i need sign.
  13. I can merge the two threads for you.

    My two cents: I would pass with that white interior because I would be so afraid of damaging it.
  14. Oh dear..........ok. This is not my cup of tea. But I can't keep ANYTHING white clean for longer than a second so if it were me, I'd pass.
  15. okay jap

    pls merge it, if it's not too much trouble