Need Help in Identifying Purse Name

  1. Ladies I need your help:

    I am loving this purse:

    I believe I may have seen a similar purse at Chanel 57th street over a year ago and did not buy it. Instead I got a black PST with GH and this year I purchased a bordeaux medallion tote with SH. I guess I like the classics??? hahah

    However I also own a black Rock & Chain in the smaller version ($1995) OY!!! which I use for evenings out and a brown with brown patent Cambon Reporter. This one is the least comforable as it is kind of bulky but I can not bare to part with it.....

    Is the eBay purse too similar to what I already own?? Of all the purses I find the PST to be the most comfortable for me. I don't have the patience for flaps.

    I am assuming? this purse on eBay is authentic. Does anyone remember its name? and is it too similar to the PST??? I almost bought a Bubble Quilt but could not bear to spend over $2300.

    Am I being crazy to get this milk chocolate tote???

    yours in Chanel craziness

    Fauve :s
  2. Hi Fauve,

    That's the timeless tote, isn't it? I love them! I'm more of a tote person myself and I love that this is similar to the PST, but has the added security of a zipper. It's similar to what you own, but not the same! I would think that you would like this better than the reporter, as it's not as big. If you do get it, maybe you'll like it more and then you will feel comfortable selling off the reporter? I don't know. I hate to be an enabler, but I've been enabled so much so... :p