Need help in identifying leather type?

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  1. I bought 2 birkins in the past year a brighton blue and a brown (not sure of name) both of them have the grainy leather but the blue is a bit softer than the brown. Is there a way to identify the leather? Is it written somewhere? How can I know the name of my brown? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I"M DYING TO KNOW!!!!!!!!:confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. You need to post pics and someone may be able to tell or otherwise take it to Hermes and they'd know. Where did you get them that they didn't tell you what they are?
  3. I got the blue from London (it was my first). My sister went to paris and she called and told me they had the brown so I told her to get it for me. I thought all the grainy ones are togo (I didn't know till I joined TPF that they had all kinds of leather)I will post pics soon
  4. No, there are at least 4 leathers that have grain.

    Do you have your receipts as they put on the receipt what leather it is
  5. It's in french but I'll check;), thanx!
  6. Should still say togo, clemence etc. as they are the names they use in French
  7. The receipt contains the information for the leather type, and the bag's store location and the name of the should definitely take pictures and post them.

    There's no way to tell as of yet.
  8. ;);)thanx dancergirl
  9. I just checked the 35 birkin is taurillon clemence in blue brighton but i couldn't find the reciept for the brown its also grainy but a bit more rough when you touch it.
  10. Clemence is known for its floppiness. Is your brown-colored Birkin stiff to the touch? If it is then it's epsom. If your brown-colored Birkin is not stiff but grainy like the Clemence, just not as floppy, then its the togo.
  11. carpaccio............ it's stiff to the touch and i'm sure it's not togo. Could it be epsom?
  12. How does the grain compare to the clemence one? Is it a finer grain?
  13. Can you take some pics and post them here? This way we can better help you identify.
  14. mooks................ the grain is a bit finer and i'm sure it's not togo
  15. Sounds like epsom but you really need to post pics