Need help in identifying epi color

  1. My DH purchased a brown epi wallet for me back in 1996 and I tucked it away and forgot about it. I recently found the wallet and realized that the panel behind the credit card slot was sticky so I sent it out for repair. When I asked the SA what the name of the color was she couldnt tell me because she said that color was discontinued a long time ago. She gave me some kind of single digit number which didnt really help me at all. From what I researched on tPF it can either be kenyan fawn or cipango gold. Can anyone help me figure out the color of my wallet because I would love to find a bag to match. Thanks!
  2. Any pics?:yes:
  3. I wish I did but it is currently in repair for 6 months! So, I figure in the mean time while I am waiting I might as well look for a matching bag if I can ever find one. ;)
  4. Thank you Lee69!

    From the looks of it I think it might be cipango gold. I dont remember my wallet being as dark as the fawn color. It was almost like a caramel color. Thanks for spending the time to find those links! :smile:
  5. I have the catalog from that color grouping, if you post a picture I can compare....
  6. I wish I had a picture but it is currently getting repaired at LV. They quoted me an estimate of 6 months.

    I just went down to pick up my grooms line items and asked about the status of my wallet and if they happen to know what color it was. I was actually surprised when they told me they think it is kenyan fawn! From the links that Lee69 posted I thought it was definitely the gold color. Im so confused! I also asked my husband if he happened to remember and he said that the gold color sounded familiar but he wasnt sure. I guess I really have to wait and see when my wallet comes in. Hopefully it will be ready in November.

    Does anyone know when Kenyan fawn and Cipango gold colors were available/discontinued?
  7. I finally got a call from LV saying that my wallet was ready for pickup. I went in to pick it up and the SA commented on how she liked my "Cipango Gold" wallet. :confused1: The last SA told me Kenyan Fawn and today a different SA told me it is definitely Cipango Gold. The SA that I talked to today said that the color of my wallet is much lighter that the Kenyan Fawn which looks like a brick brown.

    Anyways, I can finally take a picture of it but I havent posted a picture before so I am not sure how. Hopefully I can post it and have all of you comment on the color. :smile:
  8. I can't wait to see it. It sounds lovely.
  9. Looking forward to the pic :smile:
  10. I can't wait to see it. To post a photo, hit the "go advanced" button below and then upload it from your computer to the tPF server. You can find this under the "manage attachments" button on the advaced posting page.
  11. I just finished watermarking my picture (thanks to faydens post) and was in the process of posting the picture of my wallet when a message came out saying that my pictures exceeded the limit. What do I need to do?
  12. I hope I was able to upload the pictures this time around.

    Can you tell if this is Kenyan Fawn or Cipango Gold? Different SAs tell me different things. I am hoping to find a bag that is the same color as my wallet and need to figure out what color this is.
    IMG_0479.jpg IMG_0483.jpg
  13. i think is Cipango Gold (for me)

  14. xLAUx - Ive been confused since different SAs have been telling me different things. Thanks for your help.